Partners in Excellence Logo  
    What does it mean to be a Partner in Excellence?
    Being a Partner in Excellence means sharing your knowledge, skills, and experiences (intellectual capital) with our District. 
    What is the Mission?
    Our mission is to prepare our learners for life after graduation by engaging in reciprocal community partnerships that expose them to career opportunities, industry experts and real-world projects.

    Who can become a Partner in Excellence?
    Partners of the district represent all facets of our community including: businesses (for and not for profit), civic groups, agencies, faith-based organization and institutions of higher education.

    How can I get involved?
    Groups can partner with our schools in a variety of ways. See the list of the most common partnerships below!
    • Participating in real-world projects
    • Job shadowing, internships or work-based programs 
    • Offering field-based experiences
    • Speaking engagements (live or streaming)
    • Mentoring (Personal, project or career)
    • Serving as a project or competition judge
    • Providing Resources: through donating goods, services, or funds; or helping with a school’s service project
    • Creating other valuable partnerships, depending on your group's experience, skills, and knowledge
    How will we be matched with a school?
    Partnerships are made based on the needs of our schools and the hopes of the partner that is getting involved. The groups will be matched after they meet with Tammy Taylor.

    How is this different than signing up as a volunteer?
    The partner program is for organizations wishing to partner with CISD throughout a school year as opposed to individuals volunteering their time. 

    Partnership Levels:
    School Partner - Your organization partners with one school in the District throughout the school year in a variety of ways.
    Strategic Partner - Your organization partners with more than one school in the District throughout the year in a variety of ways.
    District Partner - Your organization partners with all schools district-wide throughout the year in a variety of ways.