Open Enrollment OPEN & RE-ENROLLMENT
    The 2017-2018 Open & Re-Enrollment application information will be available on March 24, 2017

    The program has undergone some substantial changes this year. To the right is a downloadable booklet "Open Enrollment & Re-Enrollment Procedures" that outlines the program. Please read it to see how the changes affect you.

    One major change this year is that all documents will be submitted electronically. Another change is the concept of a
    Letter of Intent to indicate your desire to enroll in the program for the first time. A waitlist will be generated and full applications will only be required once we know the number of seats that are available. All dates are in the Open Enrollment & Re-Enrollment Procedures booklet. The waitlist will be maintained throughout the school year with new Letters of Intent added to the end of the list in January. IF seats are available at the beginning of the second semester names will be taken in order from the waitlist.

    Background Information about the Open Enrollment Program
    In April, 2011, the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees approved the use of Open Enrollment for the admission of elementary students who live within the City of Coppell, but outside the attendance boundaries of CISD (an area which includes, but is not limited to Coppell Greens and Riverchase). The decision was approved by the Board for a few elementary schools with declining student enrollments.

    This change in the district's policy is intended to create greater efficiency of operations by allowing the predetermined campuses to maximize their enrollment capacity in buildings that are already being heated, cooled, and cleaned. The move could also save a few teaching positions and generate $700,000 - $1M in additional revenue for the district depending on where the legislature sets CISD’s target revenue and the number of students who apply.

    Handbook The Coppell Independent School District has developed this booklet as a resource for parents who might be considering Open Enrollment as an option for their child. In doing so, we have tried to anticipate every possible question and scenario in an effort to assist you in your decision-making. This booklet includes policies and procedures, and some frequently asked questions…all important information to know.
    Tutorial  2016-2017 Procedures
    Application  Re-Enrollment Application
           (Available in Summer)