Facilities Use Policy

    Mission Statement
    It is the desire of the Coppell ISD to allow our buildings to be used as much as possible by as many groups without interfering with the education process of our children at a minimal or no cost to the district.
    Facility Use Rules and Regulations
    Coppell Independent School District is pleased to provide use of its facilities to residents of Coppell ISD, according to guidelines and scheduling procedures approved by the CISD Board of Trustees. Use of CISD facilities is coordinated and scheduled through the Community Services division. Groups/organizations using Coppell ISD facilities shall be composed of District residents and shall have a District address (a P.O. box is not acceptable). Non-Profit groups requesting use of a CISD facility must provide proof of non-profit status before consideration is given.
    Coppell ISD activities have priority use for facilities. In case of conflict with other non-school groups, every effort will be made to provide an alternate site. However, Coppell ISD activities will take precedence over all other scheduled events regardless of confirmation status. The District may cancel any agreement without notice if the facility is needed for District operations. This cancellation will require the approval of the Superintendent or designee.
    Linked below are the License Agreement, Facility Use Application, and Facility Category Information (Fee Structure). Applications will be available 90 school days prior to the date of the activity. The application must be submitted 30 school days prior to the date of the activity. Upon notification by the Community Services office that the event has been approved, payment and all forms must be returned to the Community Service Office within 10 school days prior to the activity. Upon receipt of payment (cashier’s check, money order, or business check), the Permit will be released to the renter. On the date of the event, the renter must bring the Permit to show to the custodian and supervisor. It is recommended that any advertisement of the activity not be distributed until written confirmation is received. Cancellations will be honored if made 72 hours prior to the scheduled use of the facility. Contact the Community Service Office at 214-496-8082 to arrange for cancellation. Failure to notify and cancel before the 72 hour period will result in loss of all monies paid to CISD.

    Please note, Buddy Echols Stadium (CHS Stadium/Field), CMS West Lesley Field, CMS North Field, and the CMS East Field are all not available for facility rental.

    General Guidelines and Regulations

    • Any conduct/acts, which are punishable by law, are prohibited.
    • Smoking and the use of any tobacco product on all CISD properties are prohibited. 20 U.S.C 6083 et seq. Penal code 4801
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all CISD properties. Ed. Code 37.122
    • Food, drink, and candy are restricted to the cafeteria and snack bar areas only.
    • Materials such as hay, confetti, candles, fireworks (or any product with gunpowder), fog machines may not be used.
    • Decorations must have pre-approval from the Community< services department.
    • The use of District ladders and lifts are prohibited.
    • Participants in any activity must remain in the portion of the building that is scheduled and shall not have or gain access to other sections of the building.
    • Participants shall not enter any facility or section of a facility until the supervisor or building custodian has given permission to enter.
    • Children must have adult supervision at all times. High school students will not suffice as adult supervisors (coaches).
    • Equipment malfunction at the facility will not automatically result in any refunds to the renter.
    • The District is under no obligation to maintain and /or improve District owned property for the benefit of the Licensee/renter.
    • All bulletin boards, wall posters, permanent fixtures, furniture, or equipment shall be left undisturbed.
    • All participants must evacuate the building if the fire alarm sounds. Participants may reenter upon permission from District personnel or Fire Department personnel.
    • No live animals are allowed on school property while renting a facility.
    • Non-school sponsored activities may use CISD facilities Monday through Thursday and on Saturday. Facilities will not be available on Friday or on Sunday unless the activity is a community wide event. CISD facilities will not be available on holidays/holiday weekends except for churches that have regularly scheduled services, which have been approved by the Community Services Department. Activities during the week must end by 9:00 pm and by 10:00 pm on weekends for non-school sponsored activities.
    • All persons or groups using CISD facilities and equipment assume responsibility for damage to the facilities and equipment being used.
    • Groups using the facility on weekends will have a custodian and a supervisor assigned to the event. Custodians and Supervisors will assist with specific problems that might arise during the event. Groups are responsible for maintaining proper decorum during the time the activity is in progress. Custodial, supervisor, technician, maintenance, and any other personnel fees are not calculated into the building use fee. These fees are noted on the Facility Category Information sheet. Inappropriate behavior or failing to comply with the supervisor’s/custodian’s directives, may result in immediate termination of the activity with no refund.
    • Groups are responsible for setting up and general cleanup.
    Kitchen Facility and Equipment
    • The Director of Food Service shall confirm all kitchen usage. Contact the Food Service Director’s office to schedule the kitchen and receive pertinent information concerning facility use.
    • Return the Food Service Confirmation sheet to the Community Service office for verification (at least 30 school days prior to the event.)
    • The kitchen supervisor fee will be added to the total cost of the facility.
    Stadium Usage/Indoor Facility
    The use of the Coppell High School Stadium and Multi Purpose facility is reserved for use by CISD organizations, UIL sanctioned playoff games, community wide events which are authorized by the CISD superintendent or designee, and use by the City of Coppell for emergency/extenuating reasons. The Athletic Director should be contacted for information concerning stadium rental.

    Parking Lot
    All parking lots must be reserved through the Community Services Division.
    • Fee for any parking lot $200/8hrs
    • Utility Fee (if required) $25per hour


    Amber Abney
    CISD Service Center 
    1303 Wrangler Circle
    Coppell, Texas 75019
    Phone: 214-496-8082
    Fax: 214-496-8044 

    Facility Use Category Information

    Category A-   School affiliated, youth oriented, non-profit groups

    Example: PTSO, PTO, booster clubs, local professional educator organizations, campus registered student clubs
    Category B-   Non-profit, non-school affiliated, youth oriented,

    Example: Youth sports association, youth sports clubs, non-City of Coppell programs, CISD sanctioned programs that benefit Coppell students
    Category C-   Non-youth oriented, non- profit groups

    Example: Churches, civic organizations, government entities, homeowners associations
    Category D-   Profit groups

    Example: Local businesses, any group with non-profit status
    Category E-   Non-profit youth service groups

    Example: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts