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 gema hall


June 10, 2014    


Dear Parents, Families & Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful year at Lakeside and have already started to celebrate summer. 

Speaking of celebrations, I want to share some of our amazing celebrations from this year.  Our students learned about PBL (Project Based Learning) and were able to explore their content in a variety of ways.  Through their many PBLs, Lakeside learners partnered with Leukemia Texas, NASA, schools around Coppell as well as around the globe, The North Texas Food Bank, Coppell’s esteemed Mayor, and Pink Hearts Fund – just to name a few.  Our learners were able to demonstrate their skills as philanthropists, communicators, collaborators, digital citizens, and innovators this year. 

In addition to the many exciting opportunities PBL and digital tools have afforded us, our learners have been provided with the skills they need in order to demonstrate mastery on traditional assessments.  Lakeside learners achieved great success on the STAAR test this year and demonstrated strong growth on the MAP test as well.  Because of these experiences, our kids are better prepared to pursue their future with enthusiasm, knowledge, and confidence. 

As we look forward to the 2014-2015 school year, I want to make you aware of what is on the horizon for us at Lakeside.  We will continue to engage in rigorous instructional practices that incorporate digital tools and PBL.  We will focus on customizing instruction for our learners through instructional clusters and departmentalized sections.  We will continue to partner with our families and continue our monthly Learning Walks.  I know that with your partnership, Lakeside will continue to be an outstanding campus in Coppell and beyond.

As you prepare for the new year I want to be sure you are aware of some important events and timelines.

August 4th:          Our front office will reopen.  Office hours will be from 8am-3pm (closed for lunch from 11:30-12:30)

August 14th:        Residency Verification in the Lakeside gym (you must update your portal & be zoned for Lakeside)

                                                8am -11am for last name’s that begin with A-M

                                                12pm-3pm for last name’s that begin with N-Z

August 20th:        Teacher Assignments will be shared (you will need your child’s ID# from the portal)

August 21st:        Meet the Teacher from 6pm-7pm

August 25th:        First Day of School – our school day is daily from 7:50am-3:05pm

August 26th-28th: Early Release at 11:30 am for all of our K-2 learners

September 1st:    Lakeside will be closed in observance of Labor Day

Please remember to check our website for updates, “Like” our PTO on Face Book at Lakeside Elementary PTO, or follow us on Twitter @lakesidecoppell.

Thank you for being a part of our “Positively Awesome” community and thank you for supporting us each day.

Have a wonderful summer,


Gema Hall


Lakeside Elementary





New Student

To schedule an appointment for enrollment, contact our registrar Barbara Arnt at or
by phone at 214-496-7600 (email is preferred).
Lakeside Elementary has online registration for which you will need a password. After providing the following
information to Ms. Arnt, she will set up your password and will send it to you so that you can complete the
online portion of enrollment before your scheduled appointment.
  1. Student Name
  2. Student Date of Birth
  3. Parent/Guardian Name
  4. Are you the parent or a guardian?
  5. Parent/Guardian email (to be used as a login for the parent portal)
  6. Physical address (No PO Box)
  7. Home phone number
  8. Cell phone number
  9. Primary language spoken in your home
  10. Student Grade
  11. Name of the Last School Student Attended
  12. List any special needs (special education, ESL, etc.)
You will need to bring the following documentation to your scheduled appointment:
  • Proof of residency in Coppell ISD:
a) Signed Settlement Statement (signatures required are the purchaser and the Title agent). A preliminary statement for estimation of closing costs is not acceptable; or
b) Signed Rental/Lease Agreement (signatures must be provided by both parties) showing the occupancy date
  • A current utility bill (containing the resident name and address)
  • Student’s original social security card (if applicable) – Mrs. Arnt will make a copy.
  • Student’s original birth certificate or passport – Mrs. Arnt will make a copy
  • Photo identification of parent/legal guardian (driver’s license/passport)
  • Custody papers:
    • Custodial parent will need to provide a copy of the divorce decree
    • Legal Guardian must provide court documentation or notarized paperwork
  • Immunization records (Texas state law will not allow an out-of-state student to start without this paperwork) - your child’s previous school can provide this information
  • Withdrawal papers if enrolling during the school year
  • Most recent Report Card your child’s previous school can provide this document
The student’s previous school is obligated to provide you with immunization records and the last report card.


Preparing Our Learners For Tomorrow

In today's world it is important that our learners not only be proficient in grade level subject matter, they must also be masterful in 21st century soft skills and technology.


Learners are able to communicate effectively across various platforms and modalities.


Learners are able to work effectively with different groups and for different purposes while demonstrating flexibility to achieve a common goal.

Critical Thinking

Learners are able to solve problems ranging in complexity by using strategies, analysis, and evaluation.


Learners are able to work creatively with others, create using various mediums, and modify or improve upon original ideas. 


For more information about Project Based Learning at Lakeside, please view this video. 

Student Handbook

Click here to learn about our campus with the Student Handbook created by 2013-2014 5th graders.

A Digital Campus

The 21st century focus at Lakeside does not stop at the integration of meaningful soft skills.  Lakeside learners are surrounded by instructional media  that they use to communicate with the world around them, collaborate with peers, create multimedia presentations, and  critically evaluate  information from global sources.  Lakeside learners and educators have access to an ample supply of current technology from a variety of platforms.  Each homeroom has an interactive smart board and available computers for learners to use.  Grade levels have access to netbooks, laptops, two computer labs, Macbooks, iPads, iPods, and participate in virtual learning experiences on a regular basis. Our learners are preparing for the world of tomorrow and mastering the tools of today. 


For more information, click on the items listed above or hover to pause scrolling announcements.

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