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CISD Spotlight

Super Teachers

This year’s last group of Super Teachers were honored by Dr. Waldrip for the creative and relevant lessons they designed to not only keep students engaged in their learning, but also inspire a deeper understanding of the content. Congratulations to Kelly Fischer/Lakeside Elementary, Elisa Farrell/Lee Elementary, Sara Hope, Tracey King, and Michael Upchurch/ Pinkerton Elementary, Ashley Foster, Anthony Huntoon, Lisa Pehl, and Shannon Weaver/CMS North, and Jennifer Greever/New Tech High @ Coppell.  


Mission Statement

The mission of the Coppell Independent School District, as a committed and proven leader in educational excellence, is to ensure our learners achieve personal success, develop strong moral character, and become dynamic leaders and global citizens with a zeal for service by engaging each individual through innovative learning experiences led by a visionary staff and progressive community.

More News

  • District Teachers of the Year Announced

    Lori Vincenzo, Kindergarten teacher at Town Center Elementary and Anthony Smith, Social Studies teacher at Coppell Middle School East, were announced as the district’s Teacher of the Year finalists earlier this week. Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip made the announcement during the CISD Education Foundation’s Annual Student/Teacher Academic Recognition Banquet stating to a crowd of nearly 400, “We are so fortunate in our community to have some of the most talented educators anywhere – they are truly outstanding."

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  •  Kristen Streeter

    Coppell ISD Under New Leadership in HR

    Kristen Streeter recently joined the leadership team for Coppell ISD as its new Executive Director of Human Resources following the retirement of Tracey Wallace. Streeter brings 22 years of educational experience gained through her service to several area school districts in North and Central Texas. Her career began in the Round Rock ISD as a middle school literacy teacher, and continued with assistant principal roles at the elementary and middle school levels in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch and Lewisville ISDs.

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  •  Joe McBride

    McBride Returns to CISD as Athletic Director

    In a special meeting of the CISD Board of Trustees on Monday, April 13, Coppell ISD staff recommended Joe McBride, former Coppell High School Head Football Coach and Boys’ Athletic Coordinator, for the position of Athletic Director (AD). Upon unanimous approval by the Board, McBride will trade coaching kids for coaching coaches as he takes the reins as a full-time administrator and Coppell’s new AD.

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  • Work Begins with CISD’s New Facility Visioning Team

    Over the next 10 years, the district is predicted to exceed 14,000 students and CISD will need to ensure facilities are in place that meet those needs while reflecting the desires of the community. To that end, Superintendent, Dr. Mike Waldrip, recently convened a 44-member Facility Visioning Team to help address the projected growth. Team members included 29 parents and community members, 3 learners, and 12 teachers and administrators.

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  • CISD Proudly Announces 24 National Merit Finalists

    Coppell ISD is proud to announce 24 Semifinalists (from Coppell High School) have advanced to the standing of Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship awards program. All winners of Merit Scholarship awards are chosen from the Finalist group. These learners represent the academic excellence of the Coppell public school system and exemplify the skills and determination necessary to achieve at such high levels. These Finalists are to be commended and will be recognized by the Board of Trustees during a Regular Monthly Meeting later this spring. We wish them continued success in their future academic endeavors.

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Digital Learning

  • Coppell Middle School North Infuse iPads into 3E Learning Model

    Coppell Middle School North is an Understanding by Design (UbD) campus that creates lessons based on the 3E’s – Engagement, Enrichment and learner Empowerment. Flipped instruction maximizes opportunities in the classroom for experimentation and to practice skills on concepts introduced in a flipped format. Moving to a 1:1 iPad rich environment has allowed Coppell Middle School North educators and learners more flexibility and choice in designing personalized 3E lessons.

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  • #DigitalMeCoppell at CHS

    #DigitalMeCoppell was a four-part experience for all CHS learners where the campus examined and discussed how digital citizenship is a part of their daily lives. Through these experiences, learners began developing a better understanding of digital safety, responsibility, communication, and health.

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  •  The Amazing CMSW Race

    The Amazing CMSW Race

    The Coppell Middle School West sixth grade Social Studies educators have endeavored to utilize the power of technology and the appeal of a current reality TV series to engage their learners over the final six weeks of the school year. Armed with new found opportunities due to the 1:1 iPad initiative, CMS West educators, Kelsey Donohue and Alicia Garza developed a whole new unit exploring Latin America’s geography and culture.

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  • Senior Capstone Projects Highlight Technology Application

    Technology integration is a part of every learner’s experience at NTH@C. It’s second nature for learners to access their project briefcase through Echo, communicate with experts through email, and engage with learners beyond their classroom through Twitter and video conferencing

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  • CMSE Learners Explore With iPads

    Coppell Middle School East added a new tool to the learning tool belt this year with the addition of an iPad for every learner. Educators leverage this tool to create new learning experiences, and learners create a wide variety of products to demonstrate that learning.

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  • 1:1 iPads at Valley Ranch Elementary

    Valley Ranch Elementary is very fortunate this year to have 1:1 iPads for their fourth and fifth graders this year. What a great opportunity for our learners because it has allowed them to collaborate, be creative, and take their learning beyond the classroom. Fourth graders recently studied about the Ecosystems. Learning was kicked off by creating visuals such as instructional charts and hands-on foldables that highlighted key words such as producer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, consumer, and decomposer. Learners were also able to extend their learning by creating a double bubble map on their iPads to compare and contrast food webs and food chains.

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  • #AustinBlends

    Austin Elementary Mustangs and educators are “blending” up learning! As part of an elementary Blended Learning pilot, 10 Austin educators and their learners have been exploring how a blended learning approach can enhance their learning and lead to more customized and individualized instruction.

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  • Lakeside Uses Technology to "Flatten their Walls"

    As a PBL campus, Lakeside Elementary utilizes technology on a daily basis in order to “flatten our walls” and to create opportunities for global learning and varying perspectives. Educators and learners harness the power of technology to support them in achieving their instructional and academic goals. As a result of our impressive access to technology, the possibilities are limitless in terms of differentiation within scaffolding workshops and opportunities to formatively assess in a variety of ways. Learners also utilize technology to showcase their learning in a personalized manner via ePortfolios. The Thinglink includes examples of technology integration from across our campus. Click on the icons to see why Lakeside is “Positively Awesome”.

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  • Technology Enriches Learning at Denton Creek

    The focus of DCE staff and leaners when using technology is to enrich learning. With the use of different technology applications, learners are provided choices and are able to deepen their understanding of new content. Educators work with learners to help them decide which digital device and application would help them while learning and creating presentations.

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  • Pinkerton Technology Showcase

    As an International Baccalaureate Candidate School for the Primary Years Program, Pinkerton educators strive to encourage learners to become active, compassionate and life-long learners. Technology plays a vital role in developing international-mindedness and aids in making global connections. Learners and educators leverage technology in a variety of ways to promote inquiry, student action, and also to help our learners attain global perspectives. Technology is also used as a tool for formative assessment, blended learning opportunities and showcasing learning. Please read more to see specific grade level examples.

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  • Wilson Elementary Has Gone Google!

    Google Classroom helps teachers create, assign, and collect student classwork and homework in a paperless environment. With Google Classroom, teachers can seamlessly integrate Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail to create assignments, provide feedback for in progress and completed work, and communicate with their students directly and with whole class announcements--all without using a single piece of paper. Students can work on assignments in Google Docs and turn it in with a few clicks.

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  • Technology is Fully Integrated at NTH@C

    As technology becomes more and more evident in our world, it is beginning to enhance and develop learning in classrooms nationwide. At New Tech High @ Coppell, the endless amount of resources that technology offers is being fully integrated into the learners’ learning. At the core of their curriculum is the New Tech Network’s learning management system, Echo. The New Tech Network has made it their goal to transform schools into innovative learning environments and engage their students with dynamic, rigorous curriculum.

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  • Quiet on the set. Going live in 5-4-3-2-1!

    Classrooms at Cottonwood Creek Elementary are busy with learners getting prepared for the day – putting away their backpacks and lunches, beginning morning work, and greeting their friends – all before the daily announcements begin at 8:00 a.m. There is quite a buzz in room C101 as the crew of CCNN (Cottonwood Creek News Network) is busy adding the final touches on the morning’s announcements. Broadcasters review their script on the teleprompter. Several learners work the soundboard and transition panel as they review slideshows and videos on their MacBook. Video cameras are checked one last time to make sure they are zoomed and in focus. Everyone tunes in as our 4th and 5th grade learners “go live” with our campus news. When everyone is ready, you will hear the director: “Quiet on the set. Going Live in 5-4-3-2-1”!

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  • Mockingbird Mavericks Write Code

    Mockingbird Elementary recently participated in the Hour of Code, an initiative designed to celebrate Computer Science Education Week and garner interest in computer programming. A parent sent us information about the Hour of Code and volunteered to help us launch it schoolwide. We also collaborated with our technology department to ensure we had the support we needed to ensure success. Every learner at Mockingbird joined about 92,000,000 students across the world in coding for at least one hour during the week of December 8-12.

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  • CMS North Hour of Code

    Find out how educators at Coppell Middle School North are using technology to support learning in the 3E Model of instruction through engagement, enrichment, and empowerment. Classes may be “flipped” and technology is infused into the process every day in a variety of subjects. One such learning opportunity is the upcoming Hour of Code in which the entire school will participate in what is being billed as the largest learning event in history. This online event was held during computer science education week (December 8-14), on Thursday, December 11, at CMSN. Through each math class, learners will get to choose their math class specifically by their coding interest.

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Pinnacle 2020

pinnacle 2020
Pinnacle 2020 is the Coppell Independent School District's five year long-range plan.


The Components of the Pinnacle 2020 Plan :

pinnacle 2020 components  

Call to Action:

Empowered with knowledge and skills, each CISD learner courageously pursues individual passions and meaningfully contributes to the evolving world. 


Updated Pinnacle 2020 Goals and Specific Result Statements

February 9, 2015

Phases I and II of the Pinnacle 2020 Action Planning process were completed this fall. The Pinnacle 2020 Committee reconvened on December 16, 2014, to review and recommend changes to the Action Plans and/or Specific Result Statements. The committee used three criteria to make these changes:

A. Accept the Action Plan as it is designed
B. Do not accept an Action Plan for cause

a. Inconsistent with CISD mission statement, beliefs or learner profile

b. Redundant

c. Benefits do not justify the associated costs

C. Accept a portion of an Action Plan and delete the rest for cause

a. Inconsistent with the intent of the goal

b. Benefits do not justify the associated costs

c. Redundant

d. Cross purposes with another Action Plan

Following the committee work, there were three Specific Result Statements deleted by the Curriculum Department due to redundancy. Although some Specific Result Statements were deleted, all of the committee’s goals remained intact and specific results were incorporated in the plan through Action Steps. An update on Pinnacle 2020 was given to the Board of Trustees on February 9, 2015.


Goal 1: Leverage our resources to provide opportunities for our learners to explore and discover their passions. (community partnerships, technology, etc.)

Specific Result Statements
1:1   Create a system for establishing and maintaining reciprocal community partnerships in order to increase authentic and field based learning experiences.
1:2    Increase volunteer and service opportunities for learners within the community.
1:3    Expand opportunities for internships and job shadowing.
1:4    Partner with industry professional to design and offer field-based learning experiences for educators.

Goal 2: We will find creative solutions to address increasing enrollment while maximizing opportunities for individual learners.

Specific Result Statements

2:1   Expand learning spaces within and outside of CISD facilities through the development of new and existing community partnerships.
2:2   Redesign or repurpose current learning spaces to provide flexibility and maximize learning opportunities for all learners.
2:3   Develop a Long Range Facility Plan based on an evaluation of projected growth, learning services, and technology.

Goal 3: We will foster proactive and reciprocal communication for learner success.

Specific Result Statements

3:1   Create a system to communicate foundational and future-ready skills for each learner.

Goal 4: We will respect and leverage the diversity that exists in our community to provide a world class learning environment.

Specific Result Statements

4:1   Increase educator proficiency to respond to our diverse community of learners.
4:2   Expand program offerings that reflect our diverse community.

Goal 5: We will design comprehensive learning services that empower all learners with skills and knowledge to ensure their individualized growth and success.

Specific Result Statements

5:1   Provide professional learning for educators and administrators on the effective use of data and assessment tools to inform the design.
5:2   Create a community-based accountability system for reporting learner growth.
5:3   Implement goal setting PreK-12 to empower learners to take responsibility for their growth. (i.e. academic, social, and emotional)
5:4   Develop a comprehensive professional learning plan to actualize the CISD Learning Framework.
5:5   Reframe and prioritize state standards in a way that leads to profound learning.
5:6   Design a comprehensive instructional technology system that redefines the role of technology in the classroom (create and share content, collaborate with other learners throughout the world).
5:7   Seamlessly integrate digital citizenship across the curriculum so all stakeholders collaborate in an atmosphere of respect, integrity,         sharing, trust, and service.

 View the Action Plans here for the Action Teams that have completed their work. 

*Specific Results highlighted in red have an Action Plan written. 


Pinnacle 2020 Committee Members 
 Cynthia Alaniz  Staff
 Jill Allshouse  Staff
 David Apple  Board Member
 Anna Arceo  Parent
 Heather Ashby  Staff
 Clara Caussey  Staff
 Elizabeth Chappell  Parent
 Nick Coenraad  Staff
 Karen Cook  Community
 Tracy Fisher  Board Member
 Ann Frosch  Parent
 Cheryl Gengler  Staff
 Gema Hall  Staff
 Ellie Halpin  Parent
 Deana Harrell  Staff
 Brianna Hinojosa Flores  Parent
 Kristin Huckle  Staff
 Stephen Jackson  Parent
 Mike Jasso  Staff
 Annie Jinyuan Wen  Student
 Kim Kindred  Staff
 Leonora Kwan  Parent
 Patrick Maher  Parent
 Chelston Mbakwe  Student
 Jason McCann  Community
 Stacey McNeely  Staff
 Anthony Poullard  Staff
 Sajani Ravi  Staff
 Beth Reynolds  Parent
 Gino Rossini  Parent
 John Rutch  Parent
 Stephanie Ryon  Staff
 Douglas Stephan  Parent
 Nancy Tao  Parent
 Roya Tompkins  Parent
 Penny Tramel  Staff
 Wes Vanicek  Staff
 Leigh Walker  Parent
 Shari Zoda  Staff


CHS Expansion-August 2014

During the 2014-15 School year Coppell High School is undergoing some significant physical changes due to the following 2013 bond construction projects:

  • Addition of a competition arena (gymnasium)
  • Expansion of the Field House
  • Expansion of the cafeteria’s kitchen area

These new editions are exciting, but the construction process will impact the daily lives at CHS. As always, safety remains our top priority.  We, CHS and CISD, continue our efforts to ensure safety for all students, staff and visitors.  This work includes reviewing our crisis management plans, such as evacuation routes to ensure we are prepared in case of an emergency. Protected walkways will be in place to allow safe traveling between buildings and in the parking lots.  Additionally, all construction personnel have undergone background checks and are required to wear identification badges. They will also park in designated areas apart from students and staff.

One significant impact will be to our traffic patterns.  We anticipate traffic will move slower due to the space constraints.  We ask that you please allow for additional time when dropping off and picking up students.  We also encourage students to explore additional modes of transportation including riding the bus, walking, biking, and carpooling.

Another impact of the construction will be to parking.  As construction progresses throughout the year, designated parking areas will need to be adjusted to accommodate the amount of work space needed.  This year, there will be a designated Senior parking area (no individually assigned spots) close to the building where only Seniors will be allowed to park. Underclassmen will park in other designated areas of the parking lot.  All student drivers will still follow the procedures for securing a permit to park at CHS.

Please refer to this traffic and parking map.

View the layout/plans for the Bond Projects
Bond Project Update- May 2014

After the support from the community to pass the $79.5 million bond election last May, Coppell ISD has already put that money to work. Several smaller projects were started or completed throughout this past school year, and additional projects will occur throughout the summer:

  • For safety reasons, entry vestibules were reconfigured at all the elementary and middle school campuses. (CMS-North should be completed by the end of summer.)

  • Additional surveillance cameras and card access locations were added.

  • The district’s technology infrastructure was upgraded including the network, switches, and storage.

  • 3,100 iPads were purchased and distributed to all Coppell High School students.

  • Maintenance began replacing exterior wall lights with LED lighting.

  • Campus teachers and staff began researching and planning for flexible learning spaces at each of the campuses.

  • Replacement instruments, library books, classroom furniture and maintenance vehicles were purchased as needed.

  • The Buddy Echols Stadium lights (now 20 years old) will be replaced this summer.

  • Wireless upgrades were made to CHS, and additional upgrades will be made at all middle schools this summer.

  • To improve the CG3 iPad program, technology will consolidate the mobile device management system and update the web filters.

  • The technology department will continue the work of developing a comprehensive solution for essential disaster recovery protocol, storage, and backup.

Lee Elementary

Lee Elementary is starting to take shape. At any given time, there are 200-300 workers from all trades (plumbers, steelworkers, drywallers, thermal and solar technicians, painters, etc.) working to get Lee ready for students in August. This first “Net-Zero” elementary school is an exciting addition to Coppell ISD. To follow the progress visit


84th Legislature

The 84th Texas Legislature convenes on January 13 (and will stay in regular session for 140 days). This area of the CISD web site will provide important information about education issues to help you become an informed advocate for your child (ren). There are many ways to become educated, involved, and to share your suggestions and ideas about important issues with your legislators. The site not only provides communication tips and sample correspondence, but also includes important links so you can view contact information, platforms, voting records, and the results of up-to-the-minute decision making as the session unfolds.
If you have additional questions or suggestions please contact the Department of Communications and Public Relations at 214.496.6058 or e-mail us at


Coppell ISD has formed a Facility Visioning Team. The work of this group will be vital in helping CISD determine the best way(s) to manage enrollment growth (particularly at the secondary level) in the future. With this type of longer-range facility planning in place (matching the projected enrollment growth with the desires of the community and available resources), we will be able to best address facility needs to sustain the district over the next 15 - 20 years.