Email Signature Edits

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  The above email signature template with YOUR name, campus name, campus address, phone number, email, web address and your campus logo will load to your email once HR inputs your information into their database. To see your email signature look at your sent emails. If you do not see an email signature then HR has not completed their process at. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM UNTIL HR PROCESS IS COMPLETE. Only submit this form after you see your email signature in your sent emails and would like to make edits.
  If you would like to make changes to your name, title and phone extension (last four digits) or to add approved prefixes or suffixes (e.g. Dr., Ph.D.) to your name, submit this request form.
  Note: Email Signature Title changes will be verified and must align with the titles assigned by CISD Human Resources. Prefix and Suffix will also be reviewed for degree and certification by HR.
  Please allow 24-48 hrs. for the changes to apply to your signature.

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