• Mission The mission of the Coppell Independent School District, as a committed and proven leader in educational excellence, is to ensure our learners achieve personal success, develop strong moral character, and become dynamic leaders and global citizens with a zeal for service by engaging each individual through innovative learning experiences led by a visionary staff and progressive community.

    Call to Action Empowered with knowledge and skills, each CISD learner courageously pursues individual passions and meaningfully contributes to the evolving world.


    • Everyone has equal intrinsic worth.
    • Every individual can learn.
    • Learning is a life-long pursuit.
    • Hard work and commitment are essential for achieving extraordinary results.
    • Individuals are responsible for the choices they make.
    • Honesty, integrity, and respect are critical to success in life.
    • Shared moral values are essential for a healthy community.
    • A supportive family environment is important to the healthy development of every individual.
    • Pursuing an enriched and balanced life helps create a healthy individual.
    • Individuals have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to their community.
    • A quality education creates life-long opportunities.
    • While change involves risk it provides opportunity for progress.
    • Diversity enriches our community.