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    • Jennifer Martin
      Jennifer Martin

    School Hours

    • 7:40 a.m. - 3:05 p.m.

    Lunch Hours

    • Kindergarten 10:45 - 11:15
      1st Grade 11:00 - 11:30
      2nd Grade 11:30 - 12:00
      3rd Grade 11:50 - 12:20
      4th Grade 11:15 - 11:45 
      5th Grade 12:30 - 1:00

    Contact Us

    • Phone  Main: 214-496-7800
      Fax  Fax: 214-496-7806
      Counselor  Counselor: 214-496-7812
      Sick  Nurse: 214-496-7816
      Library  Library: 214-496-7814

    Guiding Purpose

    • We focus on each learner’s unique needs, develop their interests, and create a passion for learning and critical thinking resulting in Town Center learners being the next generation of innovators that will meet the demands of a competitive global society.

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    • Get connected with Town Center Elementary by engaging with us on social media! You'll find photos of learning experiences and important notices and reminders for campus events and activities.


    • The success of our school and our learners is due in large part to the commitment of our parents and our partnership with the Town Center PTO.  I encourage you all to become involved with this fantastic organization and see how your talents and strengths can be leveraged to improve our school.  Regardless of your language, your culture, or your education, there is a place for you with our PTO! Please visit for more information on School Supplies, Spirit Wear, and how to get involved. You can also “like” Town Center PTO on Facebook.

    Attendance Policy

    • Please be advised of the Coppell ISD attendance policy for elementary learners:

      For all absences:

      • Send a handwritten note with your child to school within 3 days and include your child's first and last name, dates absent, and an explanation of the reason for the absence (email is not considered a handwritten note)
      • If a note is not provided, the absence will be marked unexcused

      Doctor’s Appointments:

      • Please bring a doctor’s note, not just a handwritten parent note

      Extended Absences:

      • Please notify the teacher and request approval from the Assistant Principal 
      • Please provide a handwritten note after the absence with your child's first and last name, dates absent, and an explanation of the reason for the absence (email is not considered a handwritten note) 
      • Learner will be responsible for making up work when he/she returns, but does not have to be provided prior to the leave 
      • If the extended absence is more than 9 consecutive school days, the learner will be withdrawn ON the 10th consecutive school day 

      Religious Holiday:

      • Please request approval from the AP and complete the approval request for religious holidays/experiences
      • Please send a handwritten note which indicates the specific date of the religious holiday
        • If travel is required, please include the travel dates, and clearly indicate they are travel days.      
      • Learner will be responsible for making up work when he/she returns

      Click here for more information on CISD attendance policy and Texas Compulsory Attendance Law.

    STEM @ TCE

    • At Town Center Elementary, learners are able to experience a hands-on, collaborative learning environment with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. 



    • TCE Learner Outcomes
      Communication: The ability to effectively express thoughts, ideas and/or feelings verbally, nonverbally, digitally and in written form for an intended audience
      Collaboration: The ability to engage in reciprocal interactions to accomplish a common goal where all contributions are valued and respected
      Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: The ability to apply divergent thought processes, through questioning and analyzing ideas or problems leading to possible outcomes or solutions
      Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship: The ability to appropriately and effectively utilize digital technology, communication tools, or networks to locate, analyze, and evaluate information 
      Design Thinking: The ability to engage in a fluid process of creative and innovative thinking involving the stages of inspiration, ideation, experimentation, and implementation 
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