Trophy Teacher of the Year
    The district recognizes the excellence in teaching that exists in every Coppell school through participation in the "Teacher of the Year" awards program. This program, aligned with the state and national level programs, honors outstanding public educators and is coordinated by the Department of Communications and Public Relations.

    GEM Great Educators Matter
    The internal Employee Recognition Program (GEM: Great Educators Matter) seeks to recognize outstanding employees who serve the mission of the district in a manner that exceeds job/salary expectations...those who go "above and beyond the call of duty" on a quarterly basis. CISD employees are nominated by their peers and, two times per school year, as many as 30 are recognized before the Board of Trustees. Their names are also added to the "Wall of Honor" in the district's Vonita White Administration Building.

    BOT Board of Trustees Recognition
    CISD students and staff enjoy many accomplishments during the year and the Board of Trustees purposefully acknowledges those students and staff members, who achieve at the state level and above, at the opening of each monthly board meeting.

    Ballpark CISD Night at the Ballpark
    This annual event recognizes student citizenship and good character traits as well as recognition of CISD's Campus Teachers of the Year during a Texas Rangers baseball game in the spring. The entire school community is invited to attend at a discounted rate and a portion of the proceeds are donated (by the Texas Rangers) to the Coppell Education Foundation for innovative teaching grants.
    SuperTeacher Coppell ISD has a teacher recognition program called "SuperTeacher" in an effort to highlight the 21st Century lessons that teachers are designing all over the district to engage students in their curriculum.
    CISD teachers have the chance to submit those great lessons or environments that they have designed this year, the ones that truly grabbed the kids and ignited their interests, for some well-deserved recognition.
    Nominations will be accepted online throughout the year, and Dr. Waldrip will personally acknowledge the best of the best during a special lunch!

    Great Lessons from SuperTeachers- April 2016 

    Claire Jeffers / Michelle Solomon / Martha Brown- Denton Creek
    The academic, social, and emotional impact from Mrs. Brown's, Mrs. Jeffers', and Ms. Solomon's dedication to creating strong curriculum based learning experiences for all learners is evident each time you go outside and observe classes learning in the Trailblazer Discovery Center. Staff see this team of educators as a resource to enhance their own lesson designs to maximize this space for all learners. Their plan for sustained growth and implementation is resulting in an extended learning environment that is used by all.
    Sanela Pjetrovic- Lee Elementary
    Learning is so much more than memorizing facts, and Ms. Pjetrovic's learners have realized it truly is about making an IMPACT. They did not do it for the newspaper article, or the certificates from Smile Train. The learners took a passion for making an impact, and found a way to help others. This learning will last a lifetime, and for that, Ms. Pjetrovic is a SUPER Teacher!
    Sam Neal- CHS
    I believe it's most telling to listen to learners discuss how empowered they feel in Sam's class. I learn from Sam during every interaction I have with her. She takes on a posture of experimentation daily - risk-taking, questioning, stretching and growing. Her learners are blessed to have an educator who is as innovative as she is. This learning experience is one that the learners are sure to remember for years to come - true transfer has taken place. Finally, I think it is important to note that this unit could have been nominated in each of the three domains provided. Please award Sam with this much deserved award - after all, what is recognized is repeated.
    April Owen- Mockingbird
    Mrs. Owen was teaching a math lesson on February 22, 2016. Learners were engaged and able to share their goals and explain what they were working on. Learners worked in a number of flexible spaces including the hallway, on the floor, and at tables.
    Jodie Deinhammer (CMS East) /Sunny Richardson & Gail Cary (CMS West)
    Jodie Deinhammer (East) developed the project idea with the Zoo Project and the iBook Sought collaboration between the campuses. Sunny Richardson (West) Collaborated with Jodie regarding the development of science lessons in connection with the Zoo Project. Wrote additional lesson plans for all iWest core content areas with relevance in each subject area. Gail Cary (West) Develop art challenge open to all Art B and Art 1 learners; which culminated in an Art Exhibition at the Dallas Zoo on February 13th & 14th. Art choice and medium was open to learner choice. Jodie Deinhammer developed the idea of the zoo project, Through Their Eyes, Animals of the Dallas Zoo, to challenge learners to deepen their understanding of systems, animal behavior and global impact on species. This idea then developed into a collaboration between CMS East, Coppell iWest and Westlake Academy 7th graders. These educators are fostering internalization of new concepts by making learning relevant to the learners as they create an iBook to publish in the App store. Through the iBook, learners will share with the world their findings, writings, art, designs, etc., and promote conservation; specifically highlighting the endangered and threatened animals of the Dallas Zoo. In Coppell iWest, the 7th grade blended learners at CMS West, Sunny Richardson led the educators to work cross-curricular to make connections between the four content areas as they produced photos, drawings, writings, etc. In Math, learners analyzed diet, comparatively looking at captivity versus in the wild, and produced infographics. In ELA learners created narrative, expository and poetic writings. In TX History learners learned of the native that President Lamar could not catch-the Texas Horned Lizard. Science learners created food webs and additional content for the iBook. This project started with a trip to the Dallas Zoo to obtain original photos taken by the learners, speak with the zookeepers about the endangered and threatened animals, as well as take notes and data from the zoo’s resources. Each school staggered their visit to the Dallas Zoo and shared media files via Schoology and Google Apps.