Visiting and Volunteering

  • Coppell Independent School District (CISD) is grateful for community partners who join us in our mission. We strive to ensure your experience volunteering with CISD is a positive one and that it enhances your relationship with our schools and community. We appreciate the time and effort all of our volunteers give to make our district a great place to live, learn, and work.

Parents and Visitors on Campus

  • For the safety of those within the school setting, all parents and visitors are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct. 

Volunteering in Coppell ISD

  • CISD appreciates the valuable time parents and community members donate to building brighter futures for our students. The excellence in our school system is due, in large part, to the involvement of our parents and community members and their volunteer efforts.

    To be eligible to volunteer on any of the CISD campuses, you must complete a New Volunteer Application and a Criminal History Background Check. Only ONE form is needed per volunteer each year, even if volunteering for multiple campuses or students. A Criminal History Background Check must be completed EACH school year for all volunteers. Please make sure you have completed the form a week in advance before you volunteer.
    Due to COVID-19 we are not currently allowing for in-person volunteer opportunities, however, virtual volunteers such as guest readers and speakers are possible volunteer opportunities. Virtual volunteers must complete a background check.

COVID-19 Notice

  • Campuses will use virtual meeting options to limit campus visitors, when possible. Visitors who enter the building will be required to wear a face covering during substantial and moderate transmission levels. Individuals who proceed beyond the reception area will have to follow specific guidelines for visitors.

    • No outside visitors or parents will be allowed to come to school for lunch, at least during the fall semester.
    • Main school entrances will be locked immediately after arrival times and remain that way throughout the day to help ensure effective management and safe screening of visitors.
    • Visitors and volunteers will be limited, at least during the fall semester. NOTE: essential volunteers scheduled for work at a campus will be pre-screened for COVID-19 temperature/symptoms before admittance on campus.
    • Coppell ISD is permitted to prevent any individual who fails the health screening criteria from being admitted to the campus. until they meet any of the criteria for re-entry to the campus.
    • Virtual meetings will be available when possible.
    • Visitors and staff will maintain physical distancing for meetings in smaller conference areas.

Volunteer Application and Background Check

  • Please read the volunteer handbook prior to filling out the background application.  A submitted application is your acknowledgement that you have read the handbook and of your agreement to follow all the guidelines found in it.
    CISD is using a volunteer application process for all volunteers in the District.
    Volunteer Application Screen Shot RETURNING VOLUNTEER: Please follow the 2 steps below:
    1. From the link below, log into your winocular account (on the left-hand side of the page) using the same username (usually your email address) and password from last year. If you forgot your login, use the "Forgot Login" button.
    2. Once logged in, click on the blue Volunteer link under the heading "Online Applications" (see the diagram on the right). This opens last year's application. Change any information on each page or if no changes hit the "continue" button until you get to the submission page. Be sure to hit the final submit button.

    NEW VOLUNTEER: Please read the steps below before you fill out the Application and Background Check Forms

    There are 3 steps in filling out the forms. All 3 steps MUST be completed:
    1. Add New Application Set yourself up in the new system with a brand new username and password - you cannot use a previous username or password here. This system will not recognize any of those other credentials. You will receive an email saying you have set yourself up in the system. Go to Step 2.
    2. Once set up, you will be taken to the application portal. Click on the "Add New Application" button as you are applying for the job of volunteer. See diagram on the right for the location of the button.
    3. Fill out the entire application and finish by clicking on the submit button. WITHIN 10 DAYS YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL OF APPROVAL OR DENIAL. If you have not received an email your application was not complete. Please go back and complete the application. If you have not received a second email either accepting or denying your application, then you did not submit it properly.


    In order to upgrade the security of your personal information, you will be required to fill out a volunteer application (setting up a secure user name and password) and background form.  This user name and password will be used again next year.  Volunteers are a valuable part of our educational team and we appreciate all you do!