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Mrs. Cindy Wolfe
Graphic Design & Illustration, Animation and
Digital Media

Career and Technical Education courses

I starting my teaching career in Oklahoma as a 'shop' teacher. I taught woodworking, three different levels of drafting and Yearbook. I learned to use computers before the mouse was invited! Computers have been my main teaching tool since the mid 1980's. My husband was transferred to Dallas in 1999. We were told Coppell had the best school system in Texas and thankfully I was invited to join the faculty at West Middle School in the fall. I transferred to Coppell High School in 2001. I have taught Graphic Design and Animation in various forms since 2003. I still love teaching and showing students how to discover and use technology creatively. 

Class Schedule

Period Day/Time Course Room
1 A/8:50–10:20AM Animation C114
2 A/10:30AM–12:00PM Animation C114
3 A/12:10–2:25PM Digital Media C114
3 A Day / C Lunch
4 A/2:35–4:10PM Team Time C114
5 B/8:50–10:20AM Conference
6 B/10:30AM–12:00PM Graphic Design and Illustration C114
7 B/12:10–2:25PM Graphic Design C114
7 B Day / C Lunch
8 B/2:40–4:10PM Digital Media C114

Tutoring Schedule

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    The classroom will be open between 8:10 and 8:45 a.m.  Students are welcome
    to come in and work.  Regular tutoring is Tuesday morning before school and after 
    school by appointment for day and time.