About Purchasing

  • The purchasing department at Coppell Independent School District (CISD) works with the schools, departments, vendors, and community to provide quality goods and services at the best value for the district.  It is the department's responsibility to ensure all purchases are made according to the CISD’s Purchasing code of conduct, guidelines imposed by local, state, and federal law, and school board policies.

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  • Coppell Independent School District
    Purchasing Department
    1303 Wrangler Circle
    Coppell, Texas 75019
    (214) 496-6000


  • The goal and function of the purchasing department is to provide the highest quality of goods and services within the parameters of the approved budget and in compliance with all applicable guidelines and laws.

Doing Business with CISD

  • Vendors wishing to do business with the Coppell Independent School District (CISD or the "District") are encouraged to register through https://coppellisd.ionwave.net/.  IonWave also known as eBid, is CISD’s electronic sourcing portal used to manage the district’s overall bidding process.  By using eBid, entities may review current bid opportunities and view closed, awarded, and non-awarded bids.  Registered vendors will receive an email notification when the district issues new bid proposals.  An evaluation will be performed on each submitted proposal to identify the best value of the goods and services.  NOTE:  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH VENDOR TO MAINTAIN CHANGE OF ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, OR EMAIL ADDRESS INFORMATION IN THE BID SYSTEM.

    Competitive Bidding

    By state law and local policy, CISD is required to use a competitive bidding process for all goods and services that meet specific legal thresholds, related to the total monetary value of like purchases over a 12-month period per §44.031, subsection (a).  It is not the policy of the district to award contracts based solely on the lowest bid.  CISD considers the following criteria to determine the overall best value according to §44.031, subsection (b) when awarding contracts:

    1. the purchase price,
    2. the reputation of the vendor and of the vendor's goods or services,
    3. the quality of the vendor's goods or services,
    4. the extent to which the goods or services meet the district's needs,
    5. the vendor's past relationship with the district,
    6. the impact on the ability of the district to comply with laws and rules relating to historically underutilized businesses,
    7. the total long-term cost to the district to acquire the vendor's goods or services, and
    8. any other relevant factor specifically listed in the request for bids or proposals.

    Contracted Vendors

    A vendor may become contracted to do business with Coppell ISD in one of several ways:

    1. Responding to a bid that CISD issued, be awarded by the School Board, and notified by the Purchasing Department of the award.
    2. Bearing a contract with a CISD board approved Purchasing Cooperative (e.g. 1GPA, BuyBoard, Choice Partners, DIR, etc.).
    3. Piggybacking off a contract issued by another school district, city, or county that is in one accord with CISD.
    4. Entering into an agreement for contractor's work.
    5. Entering into a Sole Sources agreement.
      1. Requires a Sole Sources Affidavit and
      2. Sole Source Letter on Vendor's Official Letterhead
    6. Contracting using an Interlocal Agreement.

    Goods and Services Requiring a Purchase Order

    Coppell ISD requires all vendors to have an approved purchase order (PO) in place prior to providing goods or services.  Contracting verbally or without appropriate authorization is prohibited and a violation of state law.  Any vendor who delivers services or goods to CISD without an approved PO is doing so entirely at their own risk.  CISD is not responsible nor obligated to pay for any goods delivered or work done without a District issued Purchase Order.

    The PO number MUST appear on ALL invoices, packages, delivery tickets, etc.

    All communications concerning back orders, price increases, cancellations, etc. to a PO should be directed to the Purchasing Department via email purchasing@coppellisd.com.


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