• The mission of the Coppell ISD school counseling program is to provide support and guidance to students as a means to foster academic success, post-secondary and career preparation, and personal/social development.  Each CISD campus has at least one full-time counselor on site, with three district support counselors available as needed.  All counselors are fully certified and have a Master’s degree. The CISD comprehensive counseling program consists of four components which include guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual student planning and system support. In accordance with Senate Bill 179, 80% of a counselor’s time will be spent on the comprehensive school counseling program.

    In Coppell ISD, we define Social Emotional Learning in very specific terms addressing mental health issues in students and staff, and character education. While there are different definitions of social and emotional learning across the state and nation, we want to be clear about the aspects of mental health support and strategies that CISD is implementing and the alignment to state requirements and local input.

    There are five tenets of social emotional learning in CISD including self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  CISD will also follow Senate Bill 2050 which addresses anti-bullying measures and requires districts to collect information annually through student surveys on bullying including cyber bullying. 

    The District Improvement Plan (DIP) is a guiding document for the school district and reviewed and approved by the District Education Improvement Committee (DEIC) and the CISD School Board. The DEIC includes parents, community members, staff members and School Board Trustees that provide feedback for the strategies and objectives included in the DIP. The District Improvement Plan includes the following objectives and strategies related to social emotional learning. 

    • CISD will implement training and strategies aligned to social emotional learning for our students and staff in order to create and sustain a safe, inclusive and responsive environment for all.
    • CISD will revise and update current PK-12 curriculum documents and purchase any needed resources to include learning supports for social emotional learning and character education including the following character traits per the Texas Education Agency and Senate Bill 11: 
      • Courage 
      • Trustworthiness, including honesty, reliability, punctuality, and loyalty 
      • Integrity 
      • Respect and courtesy 
      • Responsibility, including accountability, diligence, perseverance, and self-control 
      • Fairness, including justice and freedom from prejudice 
      • Caring, including kindness, empathy, compassion, consideration, patience, generosity, and charity 
      • Good citizenship, including patriotism, concern for the common good and the community, and respect for authority and the law 
      • School pride 
      • Gratitude
      • It is important to note that Senate Bill 11 mandates school districts teach character education to all students. 
    • CISD will continue to review current and create new curriculum documents, training and implement specific programs to provide needed support/resources for counseling and social emotional learning. 
    • CISD will learn, engage, and work in a safe, inclusive and responsive environment
    • CISD will update health curriculum enrichment supports and provide training for mental health as required by the 87th legislative session (mental health conditions, substance abuse, skills to manage emotions, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and responsible decision making; as well as suicide prevention, including recognizing suicide related risk factors and warning signs) and aligns with HB 3597 (Crisis Intervention), SB 1267 (Trauma-informed Care), SB 279 (Mental Health), and HB 3379 (Child Abuse).
    • CISD will align implementation of social emotional support structures through class meetings, check-ins and restorative practices.

CISD Support Counselor:

  • Our district support counselors work in collaboration with campus staff and families to ensure learners have the support and resources they need to be successful.

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CISD Campus Counselors:

  • Our campus counselors deliver the comprehensive school counseling program to provide support and guidance to all learners. Please click on the campus link to visit the counseling webpage.