• Safety/Security: 

    Are there filters, firewalls, or blocks put on the iPads prior to distribution or is the full internet available? 
    Anytime the internet is accessed by a CISD issued iPad (including off-campus), the access will go through the CISD filter.
    Our district internet filter currently blocks the following categories: Child Abuse Content, Proxy/Filter Avoidance, Gambling, Hacking, Pornography, and a black list including URL's we define that were not caught by our category/reputation filter. Note: the iPads do not come with a cellular plan so WiFi must be used to access the internet. This means, students at CHS will be using a filtered internet while on campus. 
    Will it be permissible for parents/families to download additional internet safety/protection on the device? 
    Yes, just be aware that some of these applications might prevent an app from working properly or restrict access that might be needed for instruction. 
    Will the iPads require a password? 
    Yes, all iPads will be set-up to require a 4 digit code to access. 
    If my child uses a personal device, will it be protected by the CISD filter?
    If the device is connected to CISD wifi, the device will run through the CISD filter. If the device is connected to its own cellular network or a wifi outside CISD, it is subject to the filters placed on those sources.

    You can also enable Restrictions, also known as parental controls, on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Restrictions stop you from using specific features and applications. Learn more about the types of Restrictions and how to enable or disable them on your device.