Info Sessions

  • Information Sessions- The Possibilities are Limitless brush stroke

    Help us plan the future of learning in CISD! - 2014 will mark the end of CISD’s most recent five-year strategic planning initiative and the chance to make a new plan for the next five to six years. To begin that process, our curriculum team met with local civic organizations, booster clubs, and visited every campus to talk with staff, parents, and the community about how they can play an integral role in planning for the future of learning in Coppell schools.
    The 30-minute sessions The Possibilities are Limitless addressed the changing needs within the district as well as expectations that are changing at the state level. Attendees listened to learners describing how choice, engagement, and digital resources are helping them identify their interests and passions so they can “paint” their own learning portrait. 
    If you missed it, please watch a taped version of the presentation.