Pinnacle 2020

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    Pinnacle 2020 is the Coppell Independent School District's five year long-range plan.


    The Components of the Pinnacle 2020 Plan :

    pinnacle 2020 components  

    Call to Action:

    Empowered with knowledge and skills, each CISD learner courageously pursues individual passions and meaningfully contributes to the evolving world. 


    Updated Pinnacle 2020 Goals and Specific Result Statements

    February 9, 2015

    Phases I and II of the Pinnacle 2020 Action Planning process were completed this fall. The Pinnacle 2020 Committee reconvened on December 16, 2014, to review and recommend changes to the Action Plans and/or Specific Result Statements. The committee used three criteria to make these changes:

    A. Accept the Action Plan as it is designed
    B. Do not accept an Action Plan for cause

    a. Inconsistent with CISD mission statement, beliefs or learner profile

    b. Redundant

    c. Benefits do not justify the associated costs

    C. Accept a portion of an Action Plan and delete the rest for cause

    a. Inconsistent with the intent of the goal

    b. Benefits do not justify the associated costs

    c. Redundant

    d. Cross purposes with another Action Plan

    Following the committee work, there were three Specific Result Statements deleted by the Curriculum Department due to redundancy. Although some Specific Result Statements were deleted, all of the committee’s goals remained intact and specific results were incorporated in the plan through Action Steps. An update on Pinnacle 2020 was given to the Board of Trustees on February 9, 2015.


    Goal 1: Leverage our resources to provide opportunities for our learners to explore and discover their passions. (community partnerships, technology, etc.)

    Specific Result Statements
    1:1   Create a system for establishing and maintaining reciprocal community partnerships in order to increase authentic and field based learning experiences.
    1:2    Increase volunteer and service opportunities for learners within the community.
    1:3    Expand opportunities for internships and job shadowing.
    1:4    Partner with industry professional to design and offer field-based learning experiences for educators.

    Goal 2: We will find creative solutions to address increasing enrollment while maximizing opportunities for individual learners.

    Specific Result Statements

    2:1   Expand learning spaces within and outside of CISD facilities through the development of new and existing community partnerships.
    2:2   Redesign or repurpose current learning spaces to provide flexibility and maximize learning opportunities for all learners.
    2:3   Develop a Long Range Facility Plan based on an evaluation of projected growth, learning services, and technology.

    Goal 3: We will foster proactive and reciprocal communication for learner success.

    Specific Result Statements

    3:1   Create a system to communicate foundational and future-ready skills for each learner.

    Goal 4: We will respect and leverage the diversity that exists in our community to provide a world class learning environment.

    Specific Result Statements

    4:1   Increase educator proficiency to respond to our diverse community of learners.
    4:2   Expand program offerings that reflect our diverse community.

    Goal 5: We will design comprehensive learning services that empower all learners with skills and knowledge to ensure their individualized growth and success.

    Specific Result Statements

    5:1   Provide professional learning for educators and administrators on the effective use of data and assessment tools to inform the design.
    5:2   Create a community-based accountability system for reporting learner growth.
    5:3   Implement goal setting PreK-12 to empower learners to take responsibility for their growth. (i.e. academic, social, and emotional)
    5:4   Develop a comprehensive professional learning plan to actualize the CISD Learning Framework.
    5:5   Reframe and prioritize state standards in a way that leads to profound learning.
    5:6   Design a comprehensive instructional technology system that redefines the role of technology in the classroom (create and share content, collaborate with other learners throughout the world).
    5:7   Seamlessly integrate digital citizenship across the curriculum so all stakeholders collaborate in an atmosphere of respect, integrity,         sharing, trust, and service.

    *Specific Results highlighted in green have an Action Plan written and completed
    *Specific Results highlighted in blue have an Action Plan written and not completed
    *Specific Results highlighted in red have an Action Plan not written
     View the Action Plans here for the Action Teams that have completed their work.  


    Pinnacle 2020 Committee Members 
     Cynthia Alaniz  Staff
     Jill Allshouse  Staff
     David Apple  Board Member
     Anna Arceo  Parent
     Heather Ashby  Staff
     Clara Caussey  Staff
     Elizabeth Chappell  Parent
     Nick Coenraad  Staff
     Karen Cook  Community
     Tracy Fisher  Board Member
     Ann Frosch  Parent
     Cheryl Gengler  Staff
     Gema Hall  Staff
     Ellie Halpin  Parent
     Deana Harrell  Staff
     Brianna Hinojosa Flores  Parent
     Kristin Huckle  Staff
     Stephen Jackson  Parent
     Mike Jasso  Staff
     Annie Jinyuan Wen  Student
     Kim Kindred  Staff
     Leonora Kwan  Parent
     Patrick Maher  Parent
     Chelston Mbakwe  Student
     Jason McCann  Community
     Stacey McNeely  Staff
     Anthony Poullard  Staff
     Sajani Ravi  Staff
     Beth Reynolds  Parent
     Gino Rossini  Parent
     John Rutch  Parent
     Stephanie Ryon  Staff
     Douglas Stephan  Parent
     Nancy Tao  Parent
     Roya Tompkins  Parent
     Penny Tramel  Staff
     Wes Vanicek  Staff
     Leigh Walker  Parent
     Shari Zoda  Staff