• I’m a 6th grader… and I want to play tennis!!!! Or I’m a 7th/8th grader looking for answers!

    Welcome to the Tennis website FAQ addition! I'll be your director today as the information found below will hopefully steer you in the right direction towards an enlightened feeling for CMSE Tennis and its program. I’m glad you are interested in tennis and I look forward to having you in our tennis program next year…. But wait!?!?…. I want to play tennis now and set myself up for success! So what can I do Coach Smith?

    Coach Smith: Well I’ll tell you! Here are some frequently asked questions about tennis from my 6th graders and new 7thgraders.


    Can 6th graders play on the Coppell Middle School Tennis team?

    I love the fact that you are enthusiastic and ready to play tennis! Tennis is a life time sport and I began around your age. However due to the fact that we are a UIL sport and part of the athletics program it is against UIL rules for 6th graders to participate in the CMSE Tennis program.  Unfortunately 6thgraders cannot participate in UIL Team Tennis for CMSE. We do have club tennis that occurs during club day so when you fill out your request for club be sure to put tennis as number 1! I can’t guarantee that you will get in tennis club, but it’s a step in the right direction to play tennis in club time which happens once a six weeks.

    If I can’t play on the tennis team until 7th grade then what would you suggest me do in the mean time? I’m a 7th and 8th grader looking for lessons.

    First you should introduce yourself to Coach Smith… I'm in room 617. Second there are several programs in the area that would be beneficial to your development as a tennis player. Brookhaven is the best as far as individual lessons and group development. There is also Coppell High School which has private coaches and drop and drills that you can take. The third and fourth option is L.B Houston or Wagon Wheel they have tennis programs and development programs that would be great for beginners and intermediate players. There are also tournaments that your child can play if they are intermediate and advanced level. They range from Mid-Cities tournaments to ZAT’s and Major Zones. If you’re ready to play tournaments you will need to register for the United States Tennis Association website or usta.com.


    Here are the websites for the respective programs listed above:

    1.      Brookhaven Country Club - http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Brookhaven-Country-Club/Amenities/Tennis

    2.    Las Colinas Country Club - http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Las-Colinas-Country-Club/Amenities/Tennis

    3.      Coppell High School Tennis-  http://www.coppelltennis.net/tenniscenter/lessonsandleagues.html

    4.      L.B Houston Tennis Center http://lbhoustontennis.com/

    5.      Wagon Wheel - http://www.coppelltx.gov/residents/wagon-wheel-tennis-center

    6.      Southlake Tennis Center-  http://southlaketennis.com/



    Are private lessons important to beginners, developing tennis players and even advanced players?

    Yes!!! I highly recommend private lessons, semi-private lessons with combination with group lessons and practicing outside of those times. Repetition and time spent on developing proper strokes will lead to success in rally progression and developing the fundamental techniques that will make your successful in playing matches as you develop.

    Tennis is a sport that has so many different nuances and grip changes that it’s important to start off with a solid base. I have listed several great places to look into lessons. If your child wants to play at a high level and be competitive it’s important that they receive instruction and private lessons or if their parent is knowledgeable about the game then that is also acceptable and an added bonus. Private lessons or semi-private will help your athlete develop as a tennis player and they will receive the proper reinforcement and application of technique that they are learning and developing.

    As a coach I still take lessons and attend clinics and have even ran clinics, taught in camps and worked as an associate Pro so I find it important to get another perspective and to always look to improve. There is always something you can add or improve in your game.


    Wait… I heard that 7thgraders and 8th graders compete for the same spots on your Varsity Team… is that true?!?

    Yes it is true! 7th graders and 8thgraders do compete for the same spots and will compete against each other in matches as we will play the other Coppell teams in Fall and Denison. We also will play other schools and travel in the Spring. Tennis is the only sport with two seasons and  is the only sport in middle school that combines 7th and 8th graders and provides them with the opportunity to play and match their skills in competition. I know some of you might think this is unfair, however when you think about it tournaments and USTA allow 7th and 8th graders to compete against each other in the same division so really it’s not the strange and it’s only preparing you for higher level competition because you want to play the best.

    Do I need to be in athletics to play tennis?

    Short answer is no. However, I say this with hesitation because I view tennis as a cross trainer sport! It’s a sport that can help improve facets of every other sport from volleyball and the service motion to soccer and football with footwork and foot speed. So just being a great ball striker is great but tennis and being an athlete go hand in hand. It’s important that you get the conditioning and workout time also because it compliments your tennis skills and will make you a more effective and versatile tennis player. So for those that are just doing tennis I would still encourage you to do athletics, especially if you could use the conditioning and fitness that athletics can offer.

    For those that are tournament players, do off campus P.E or are doing tennis outside of school also then you are getting the workout necessary … the comments above were more for tennis players that just come to my practices or think that just coming to my practice will be enough and don’t participate in anything else.

    What can I do in the summer before CMSE try-outs?

    I would attend a couple of summer camps, take lessons and most importantly spend some time on the tennis court. Find a couple of friends that play tennis and get their numbers and arrange times to hit with them. Ask Mom, Dad, brother, sister or a guardian to go out and feed you balls or hit with you. Waiting to the week before try-outs to pick up a racket won't be in your best interest. Also see private lesson, group lesson information that was discussed earlier. CHS offers 4 tennis camps in the summer! It would be a good idea to sign up for a couple of them! Especially if you plan on playing tennis in High School! Great way to meet your future coaches and show them what you have to offer their team!


    Before I try-out, do I have to have a physical?

    Yes, you must have a physical and all athletic paperwork on file.  You cannot step onto the tennis court without a physical. You must get a physical every year you participate in an athletic sport at CMSE. You can find the paperwork on the athletics website. If you go to Care Now or your family doctor they will be able to take care of this.

    When are try-outs for Fall of 2014?

    Tennis Try-outs for Fall 2014  will be the second week of September. More details to come in August so check back then. There will be a tab marked Fall Try-outs 2014. Make sure that physicals and athletic paperwork are turned in before practices begin and definitely before your athlete comes to try-outs. They will not be allowed to try-out unless paperwork is filled out and turned in.

    When are practices?

    Practices are held before and after school! Unfortunately, Tennis doesn't have an athletic period so all practices are before or after school. That's a good thing because our athletes will be able to try multiple sports and are encouraged to try multiple sports and become better/ well-rounded athletes. Practices will be held at CHS and CMSE tennis courts. Check the monthly schedule for practice times and locations.

    What is the most important thing to know about Tennis at CMSE!!

    There are several things that I view are important to the dynamics of my team and you as developing athletes. I teach and coach leadership and vision! So the most important thing that you will learn on the tennis court is to be an advocate for your team, your school and most importantly for yourself! “Teamwork makes the dream work”… and as a solid, respectful and cohesive unit we will make a successful programs. It’s very important that we help each other, give back to our community and help each other grow and develop. For my leaders you will be taking on a leadership role on my team. Never stop dreaming and work hard for what you want because the only thing stopping you is yourself! So HAVE FUN and most importantly ENJOY THE PROCESS! I hope this helps I look forward to you joining our successful program and most importantly loving tennis and setting yourself up for success on and off the court.


    Sincerely ,

    Coach Smith

Last Modified on July 26, 2021