• Copyright and Fair Use Chart for Teachers (click here for information on what you can legally do with various media in your classroom)
    Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy  (information on Fair Use and "remix" culture)
    Fair Use Checklist (handy checklist for determining if a resource that is copyright protected can be used for education purposes)
    Copyright-Friendly Toolkit Smore (excellent resource created by Joyce Valenza. Offers information and links to various media that can be used in projects. Includes information on Creative Commons, Public Domain and Fair Use)
    Copyright-Friendly Media
    Free, copyright-friendly images, video, and sound to use for projects and presentations.
    All-in-one (these sites search for different forms of media in one place)
    Creative Commons Search- have the box checked that says: "modifyadapt, or build upon"; uncheck the box that says "use for commercial purposes". Click the flickr icon, and start your search. Notice you can also search for Creative Commons licensed music and video through this site.
    Wikimedia Commons - A database of freely usable media (images, sound and video clips) to which anyone can contribute. Make sure to be an ethical digital citizen and follow the attribution requests of each individual creator of the files you use.
    Copyright Friendly Images:
    *Be sure to check Terms of Use before downloading for information on how to cite the work.*
    Morgue File- Database of image files for use in creative works, commercial or not. Attribution not required. 

    Pixabay - High-quality public domain photos. No attribution needed.
    FreeTIIUPix  - Free images for learner and educator use. 
    Turbo Photo- Provides images in the public domain (no copyright) in 10 categories.
    Wylio - Search Creative Commons photos with this site. It automatically grabs the attribution when used on websites and blogs. Simply copy the html code (provide with each picture) and paste the code in your site. 
    Behold- Searches high-quality Flickr images. Click on the box to the right of the words "that are free to use" for images you can use in your projects.

    FlickrCC- Creative commons images on Flickr
    Compfight -click on the words "Creative Commons" until you see "only" next to it
    NASA Image Gallery- Find photos of planets and other space objects.

    PD Clipart- A huge collection of clipart images for your projects, from Animals to Zodiac!
    Copyright- Friendly Music and Sound:

    Youtube Audio Library - Music free to legally download and use in projects. Search by genre, duration, instrument type, or mood. 
    Artist Server -  Free, independent music by over 7,000 artists. mp3 format.

    SoundJay - Free, high-quality sound effects to use in projects
    JamendoJamStudio - Create your own music online

    ccMixter- "a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons, where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want."

    Soundcloud - Create your own audio recordings or ind music in Soundcloud. Save online or download. to find music, type the desired genre (rock, jazz, pop, etc) into the upper-left search box. Soundcloud is available on the web and as a mobile app.  

    Dan-O Songs - Free if you provide attribution in your project (Free with credit t Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com)

    Add a Creative Commons license to your own work!
    Put a CC license on your creative work and make those who find it online aware of how they are allowed to use it. You worked hard. You deserve credit! Not to mention recognition...