"Lee"ders Who Lead With Character

    We are "LEE"ders Who Lead With Character!  In 2017, we were recognized as a National School of Character by Character.org.

    Citizenship at Richard J. Lee

    Last year we implemented some ways to encourage and teach character development at Lee and had tremendous success with our learners in this area.  We will continue to incorporate "Super Spurs" at Lee but have added some additional Citizenship Traits and Life Principles to focus on every week of the school year.  Please look at our schedule for the year:

    Excellence: Week of August 15th - August 24th

    Respect: Week of August 27th

    Tolerance: Week of September 3rd  

    Patriotism: Week of September 10th 

    Encourage: Week of September 17th 

    Patience: Week of September 24th 

    Courtesy: Week of October 1st 

    Self-Discipline: Week of October 8th 

    Accountability: Week of October 15th 

    Integrity: Week of October 22nd 

    Perseverance: Week of October 29th 

    Effort: Week of November 5th 

    Gratitude: Week of November 12th 

    Fairness:  Week of November 26th 

    Justice: Week of December 3rd 

    Generosity: Week of December 10th 

    Trustworthiness: Week of December 17th 

    Honesty: Week of January 7th 

    Commitment: Week of January 14th 

    Problem Solving: Week of January 21st 

    Loyalty: Week of January 28th

    Cooperation: Week of February 4th 

    Love: Week of February 11th 

    Risk-Taking: Week of February 18th 

    Initiative: Week of February 25th

    Courage: Week of March 4th 

    Fortitude: Week of March 18th 

    Compassion:  Week of March 25th 

    Flexibility: Week of April 1st 

    Curiosity:  Week of April 8th 

    Optimism:  Week of April 15th 

    Friendship: Week of April 22nd

    Resiliency: Week of April 29th 

    Humility:  Week of May 6th 

    Humor:  Week of May 13th 

    Success:  Week of May 20th 



    In addition to the Super Spur tickets given out to learners showing great character, there will be a WEEKLY nomination completed by designers or staff that want to recognize a "LEE"der of the week. These learners will receive a "Lee"der dog tag and have their picture taken for the paper. These nominations are given to those learners that truly demonstrate leadership through good character on a consistent basis and MAY be given more than once to the same learner.