• Healthy lifestyles           Living Well in Coppell focuses on three areas:  physical wellness, nutritional wellness and personal and social wellness.  Everyone is invited to participate in this city-wide program.  Wellness activities have been scheduled for each day in October, with active and educational sessions covering each of the focus areas.  You can visit the city's website for events that will be offered throughout the month.  For more information, visit www.livingwellincoppell.com.
    There are over 150 different ways to "walk" a mile and burn an extra 100 calories.  Here are just a few physical activities equivalent to walking one mile!
    40 minutes - shopping
    30 minutes - dusting or yoga
    24 minutes - washing windows or bowling
    18 minutes - vacuuming rugs or doing calisthenics
    16 minutes - weeding or swing dancing
    14 minutes - carpentry or playing paddleball
    13 minutes - pushing a hand mower or kayaking
    11 minutes - climbing stairs
    Upload your pictures at the site below for the HEB community challenge.