Safety First

  • Your child's safety is a top priority for CISD. When entering a school zone:

    • Watch for oncoming traffic, and especially other children.
    • Drive slowly, and observe flashing lights and speed zones. School zones are monitored by Coppell police officers.
    • Do not talk or text on your cell phone in a school zone it's against Texas law to use cell phones while driving in a school zone at any time.
    • School drop-o loops are one-way only- cars and buses have separate loops
    • Take turns and alternate with cars coming from both directions.

    You may visit the campus, but please observe our safety procedures. Please note:

    • School doors are locked from the outside during school hours, except the main entrance that leads directly to the main office.
    • Parents must stop by the main office to sign in and receive a Visitor Badge, and must sign out when they leave.
    • All employees of the school district are required to wear photo identification badges.
    • Schools practice regular safety drills to prepare students for possible emergencies.
    • All secondary campuses have an assigned School Resource Officer (SRO) present throughout the day to ensure everyone's safety.