Purpose & Beliefs

  • Purpose of Standards-Based Report Cards in CISD

    In an effort to provide parents a report card which gives specific information concerning what a child should know, understand and be able to do, the elementary report card is linked to state standards (TEKS). As we collectively and strategically plan to integrate 21st century learning standards, it is imperative that effective methods be used to measure and report what students are learning. The standards based report card is a tool to help accomplish these goals.

    We Believe... 

    • Successful education depends on effective communication between all stakeholders.
    • Standards-Based Reporting reflects 21st century best practices in instruction and is research based.
    • Specificity in feedback is critical to the academic growth of our children and that Standards-Based Reporting provides specific feedback on each student's ability.
    • Standards-Based Reporting creates pathways to eliminate gaps in learning and instruction.
    • Measuring our children against the standard is preferable to measuring them against one another.
    • Standards-Based Reporting is a holistic approach to assessing each child's academic progress.
    • Standards-Based Reporting encourages adaptive learning environments that lead to effective differentiated instructional practices.
    • Standards-Based Reporting encourages individualized instruction that embraces customized learning for all students.
    • Standards-Based Reporting empowers student learning by increasing student accountability and self-motivation.
    • Standards-Based Reporting prepares students for the future.

    Timeline of Standards-Based Report Cards in CISD

    2004-2005 - Implemented Standards-Based Report Cards in Kindergarten

    2005-2006 - Implemented Standards-Based Report Cards in 1st Grade

    2006-2007 - Continued Standards-Based Report Cards in Kindergarten and 1st Grade

    2007-2008 - Implemented Standards-Based Report Cards in 2nd Grade and piloted in 3rd- 5th Grades at Cottonwood Creek Elementary

    2008-2009 - Implemented Standards-Based Report Cards in 3rd Grade and piloted in 4th Grade at Cottonwood Creek Elementary 

    2009-2010 - Parent Advisory group, consisting of parents and educators, met to work on a 4th Grade report card.

    2011-2012 - Pilot of a 4th Grade standards-based report card.

    2012-2013 - CISD curriculum department, along with educator input worked on rubrics and report card indicators

    2013-2014 - Implementation of a dual 4th Grade report card will begin in the 2013-2014 school year. The report card will continue to report grades to parents and will have the added component of reporting out on important learning standards for the grade level. 
    2014-present - The SBRC continues to provide an opportunity for educators to communicate a learner's progress with parents.