Work Leading Up to Calling for a Bond Election

  • During the February 16 Regular Meeting, the CISD Board of Trustees unanimously called for a Bond Election to be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

    Jan. 21 Bond Work Session - The Coppell ISD Board of Trustees held the first of four public Work Sessions last Thursday night, January 21, and has scheduled additional sessions in February. Taking into consideration need and tax impact, growth solutions will take top priority in the timeline. Proposed project categories, cost estimates, and projected completion dates were summarized as follows:
    Growth Solutions – Approx. $146.2M
    • Remodel CMS West to become the district’s new 9th Grade Center (NTH@C 9th graders will remain at NT’s current location) 2018-19 school year
    • Construct new middle school (CISD land in Cypress Waters) 2018-19 school year
    • Funding set aside for future elementary school (location and timing TBD) 
    • Renovations & additions to CMS East and CMS North - 2019-2020 school year
    Technology Infrastructure & Equipment - $34.6M
    Renovations – Construction for Support Services/Network Operations Center & CHS - $32.9M
    Districtwide Improvements – Campus & District - $32.4M
    Safety & Security – Campus & District - $2.9M

    These projects address the critical enrollment growth occurring in the southern sectors of the district (esp. the Bridges, West Haven, and Cypress Waters developments) where construction is currently projected by their developers to be two - two and-a-half years ahead of schedule.

    Topics for the next Work Session on February 1 will include possible scenarios for a future elementary as well as technology needs. The public is invited to attend and listen to the discussion during the Open Session of the workshops. Remember that the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees was changed to Monday, February 15, to align with Dallas County’s deadline to call the election (February 19).

    • The 2015 Facilities Visioning Committee was formed at the recommendation of Coppell ISD’s long-range planning team (Pinnacle 2020) to take a look at enrollment projections and explore viable solutions that could be carried forward to a future Bond Committee and the Board of Trustees. A diverse, 43 person committee comprised of 17 parents, 3 learners, 11 community stakeholders, and 12 CISD educators met collectively on four occasions and presented ideas to the Board of Trustees on June 9, 2015. (Read more about the committee's work)
    • In furthering the work of the Facilities Visioning Committee, a sub-group of the Board of Trustees met several times to discuss next steps. On September 21, at a Board Workshop, the full Board discussed different options to accommodate growth at the elementary, middle and high school levels. On October 13, the Board of Trustees recommended a facility solution to be given to the Bond Steering Committee. (Read the summary of the recommendation)
    • In October 2015, a Community Bond Steering Committee was formed to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustee and Administration on a temporary basis to assess new construction, capital improvements, renovation and technology needs.
    • The Bond Committee proposed a $249,038,400 bond package to the Board of Trustees on December 14, 2015. The Board will review the proposal until mid-February when they will make a final decision on calling the bond and the price of the bond package on February 15, 2016.