Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be able to distinguish what qualifies as a Super Teacher?

    You will know because a Super Teacher has the following characteristics (click on the image for description):

    Teacher Profile  

    What are the nomination categories?
    Learning Environment or Constructivist Learning Experiences. Click here to learn more about these categories. 
    What will ensure my lesson will be selected?
    Evidence of actively engaged students who understood the relevance of the lesson (how it relates to their lives) will be the determining factor in the selection process.
    Who will decide if the lesson submitted meets the expectations of the Super Teacher program?
    Team of Curriculum staff led by Dr. Brad Hunt
    How often will the winning nominees be recognized?
    Super Teachers will be recognized by Dr. Hunt throughout the school year.
    Is it acceptable to nominate myself? Are there limitations on the number of times a teacher may be nominated?
    Absolutely, self-nominations are acceptable. There are no limits to the number of times a teacher may nominate him/herself or others for Super Teacher recognition.
    How will I know if my nominee's lesson has been selected for Super Teacher honors?
    Your campus principal will be notified so the recognition visit may be coordinated.
    In what ways will a Super Teacher be recognized and by whom?
    Brad Hunt will visit each Super Teacher's classroom to announce the award and will recognize the winners with a:
    • Super Teacher t-shirt
    • Engraved Super Teacher plaque
    • Magnetic Super Teacher logo for classroom door jam
    • Full color pack of Super Teacher note cards
    • Mention in Brad Hunt's e-newsletter Catch Up with Hunt
    • Photo in the “Spotlight” on the home page of the CISD website
    • 21st Century Leaders “Lunch and Learn”

    I've got a Super Teacher nominee in mind…what do I do next?
    That's easy…just complete the online nomination form