• What time does Green House eat lunch?

    Green House lunch is from 11:30-12:00 each day. If you choose to eat lunch with your learner, please arrive ten minutes early so that you have time to get your visitors pass in the office before meeting your learner for lunch. 


    Do learners have snack time?

    Learners are empowered to eat their snack during the day if/when they feel hungry. Please send a healthy option (pretzels, goldfish, crackers, etc...) that can be enjoyed WITHOUT utensils. No liquids should be sent for snack. 


    How do I know what specials my learner will go to each day?

    Our school rotates specials on a seven day schedule. You can find this rotation on the Overview page of our class website in the Spur Information flyer. Please remember to send your learner to school in tennis shoes on days that we will visit PE. This will help them stay safe and have fun during the PE time. 


    What do I do if I have to change the way my learner will go home?

    It is imperative that you email me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with your learners change in dismissal. I will have access to my email during my conference period from 1-2 each day. If you have to change your learners dismissal after that time, please call the front office to let them know of the change so that they can get in contact with me before the end of the day.  

    Changes in dismissal are often difficult for our learners. Please try to be as consistent as possible with your learners dismissal plans. 


    Can I volunteer in the classroom?

    We would LOVE for you to volunteer in our classroom. Before you can visit our classroom, you must fill our a Volunteer Background Check form which can be found under the Forms tab of our website. If you plan on volunteering, please reach out to me so that we can work together to find a time and activity that works for our class schedule. 


    What is the weather policy for recess?

    The weather policy regarding recess and other physical activities can be found under the Parents tab our on school website. 


    What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?       Dismissal Procedures Video

      Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

     What can we do for our learner's birthday?

    Learner's birthday will be celebrated in the office with a birthday pencil and by the designer in the classroom.