• Local Partnerships are an integral part of preparing our learners for the world after K-12. Engaging our learners with real-world experiences, and bringing to life those experiences as a complement to their curriculum, is of utmost importance for ensuring CISD graduates are the most sought after graduates in the region.


  • There are a number of opportunities we can create together, to fulfill our vision for partnership.

    Arrow  Customized programs and strategic partnerships designed to enable grade-level appropriate experiences K-12
    Arrow  Mentors and Coaches in the classroom
    Arrow  Project and presentation evaluators
    Arrow  Problem-solving projects and programs for which our learners enable solutions (both in theory and in practical terms)
    Arrow  Enabling jobs, via job shadow, internships and other means
    Arrow  Site-based field/study trips to see and experience work in action

What Do Our Partners Say About The Program?

  • "We do believe that our investment in the school district gives us more back than it takes to do it.  My staff comes back energized and excited after meetings with students.  We are so grateful to be a part of it.  I’d challenge each of you to find a way to work with CISD. "

    -Jason McCann, President of Gemmy Industries


  • Partners in Excellence


How Do I Get Started?

  • Step 1: Fill out the interest form.
    Step 2: CISD will contact you to discuss the opportunities and find the best match between your organization and the needs of our district and schools.
    Step 3: Ensure that anyone in your organization who will be in direct contact with our learners fills out the Criminal Background Check Form one week in advance.

    Frequently Asked Questions