Temporary Disability Leave

  • Any full-time certified employee shall be eligible for Temporary Disability leave even if you have exhausted FML or do not qualify for FML.  The maximum length of TDL shall be 180 calendar days.  Temporary Disability can only be requested for the employee’s own serious medical condition (pregnancy included). 

    Temporary Disability is a unpaid leave, all accrued days will be used towards your leave.

Returning To Work After Leave Of Absence

  • When an employee is ready to return to work, it is the employee’s responsibility to deliver a medical release form to Kristine Long in the HR Department PRIOR TO RETURNING TO WORK.  This form must be signed by the doctor stating the return to work date and if there are any restrictions.   If this is not received prior to your return date, you cannot return to work until a medical release form is received.