Online Counselor Sign Up has come to East!!

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    We are going to begin using an online sign up system for our counselors. When you would like to sign up your student to see the counselor, or would like to request a meeting with the counselor, complete the form and we will make it happen!


    The two main reasons for implementing the online counselor sign up are to keep students in class as much as possible, and to do our best to insure student safety.  We will call for students to come down to see the counselors. This will also allow for us call students down, to the best of our ability, during times that do not interfere with different tests, etc.


    The online sign up system allows students, parents, and teachers to sign students up at their convenience to see the counselor. The notification is sent to the counselors, and they can then place the student on their schedule to meet during the school day.