Super Teacher Look Fors

  • Learning Environment:

    Academic/Learning Environment

    • learners are given voice in the learning environment
    • learners are given opportunities to present their learning
    • facilitates rigorous learning in an environment that considers learner emotions, interests, previous experiences, and learning styles
    • encourages and respects differences of opinions
    • capitalizes on making learning relevant


    • technology integration is evident in the physical environment and learners drive its use
    • authentic, meaningful learner work is displayed
    • educator utilizes digital tools to extend learning beyond the classroom
    • learning environment design responds to instructional and learner needs


    • has high expectations for learners in a respectful, positive, non-threatening environment
    • learners have logical consequences for behavior
    • collaboration is the norm in various learning environments
    • educator models how to build appropriate, positive relationships


    • respectful of the cultures, backgrounds, and values of learners and their families
    • maintains virtual communication tool(s) to establish positive reciprocal relationships with parents
    • creates environments and designs learning experiences that embrace cultural factors and capitalize on diversity.


    Learning Design:


    • facilitates learners’ construction of new meaning and leverages learners’ personal experiences and interests
    • considers and responds to the needs of all learners (LEP, GT, culturally diverse, etc.)
    • connects and leverages all the various experiences, interests, and contexts  in which learners participate in and out of the school (as potential for learning opportunities)

    Responsive Learning

    • organizes flexible grouping based on learners  interests
    • consistently organizes flexible grouping based on learners interests, multiple intelligences, socioeconomic/cultural background, gender, other assessment data
    • understands learners’ background experiences, learning preferences, interests, culture, and supports needed to ensure successful learning


    • standards and experiences within the unit are linked to concepts across multiple disciplines
    • engages learners in investigating authentic questions that the learners choose within a broad thematic framework
    • asks questions that support learners in deep and critical thinking, problem-solving, and high levels of cognitive rigor
    • provides opportunities for learners to activate prior knowledge, construct new knowledge, and deconstruct understandings
    • designs experiences that engage learners through real-world connections promoting sustainable, transferrable knowledge and skill

    Global Mindedness

    • nurtures the development of responsible global citizens by designing opportunities for learners to inquire, act, and reflect across a wide range of subjects and broad contexts.
    • opportunities for learners to address global issues, collaborate with mentors, and interact with authentic audiences
    • opportunities for learners to develop empathy, perspective, communicate with a global audience or take action (service learning)




    • analyzes and uses formative assessments to customize learning experiences
    • provides opportunities for learners to self-assess/reflect
    • collaborates with learners to design learning based on formative assessments and ensure they have ownership over their learning goals and awareness of their own mastery
    • collaborates with vertical teams and instructional specialists to provide differentiated/customized learning experiences
    • incorporates performance to assess transfer goals

    Data Driven Decisions

    • meets with team of educators horizontally and/or vertically to calibrate data to guide future instruction
    • evaluates data with learners and utilizes a system/process for learners to set new learning goals


    • fosters learner self-efficacy by drawing connections between the learner’s work and his/her efforts
    • collaborates with learners to improve and customize future learning goals