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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why did the District kick off this initiative now?
    A: Since we were near the end of our last strategic plan, Pinnacle 2020, this effort is timely and will give the district a renewed vision for the next few years.

    Q: Will anything significant change at my child’s school this year as a result of this effort?
    A: Through this effort, we will be seeking opportunities for improvement, as well as areas to enhance our work in ways that help us to fully realize our new district Values.  We hope to pilot and / or test ideas this school year, but we don't yet know what that might look like for a particular campus.  We will ensure there is communication in advance of any potential changes, so you and your students can prepare, as necessary.

    Q: I'm a homeowner in the District, but I don't have any children in Coppell ISD. Why should I get involved in the Strategic Design process?
    A: Quality schools are known for maintaining property values. It's a small investment of time to ensure that our schools are focused on long-term educational excellence and are preparing students for an ever-changing world.

    Q: I'm a teacher and I don't have an extra minute to spare. What good is my voice in this process? Won't District administration just make all the decisions? 
    A: Coppell ISD is spending an entire school year working to capture the voice of every stakeholder group – students, parents, teachers, staff, alumni, community members, and business leaders. Strategic Design is your opportunity to be heard, and your voice matters.

    Q: I'm a Coppell ISD student and I know some things need to change, but is anyone really listening to me? 
    A: Yes, Coppell ISD is committed to listening to its students. The District must hear from students and former students as well. No one else can share your perspective. We need you!