Frequently Asked Questions

  • CISD will continue to add questions and answers to this section. 


  • Who is eligible to apply to Pinkerton Elementary?
    All elementary students (Kindergarten through fifth grade) who currently reside in the Coppell ISD boundaries.

    I am currently in the Open Enrollment program, can I apply to Pinkerton?
    No. Open enrollment students are not eligible to apply to Pinkerton.


  • Is Pinkerton an International Baccalaureate school?
    Pinkerton Elementary is an IB Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) World school. For more information about the Primary Years Programme, visit  
    Click here to learn more about Pinkerton's Guiding Purpose and what makes Pinkerton unique. 

    Will IB require any additional testing at the elementary level? 
    No. Pinkerton learners will take the same tests as other elementary learners in the district. When Pinkerton becomes an IB school,  5th grade IB learners will have an exhibition culminating project where they present their learning from their elementary experience. 

    How do Pinkerton's standardized testing scores compare to other CISD elementary schools? 
    Pinkerton's test scores are inline with all the other elementary schools in CISD.

    Do learners at any grade level have different teachers for each subject area? 
    At Pinkerton all the subjects are integrated together and learners are in self-contained classrooms. This means, the classroom teacher teaches all subject areas.

    Does Pinkerton teach the same curriculum as the other CISD schools? 
    Yes. All CISD campuses teach the state's curriculum the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 


  • Do I need to submit a separate application for each child?
    Yes, an application for each child must be submitted.

    Will I need to re-apply each year? 
    No. Once you are accepted you do not need to re-apply.

    If I have multiple children in Elementary school, do all my children have to apply?
    No. As long as you can provide transportation, you can choose to have one or some of your children at their home campus and the other(s) apply to Pinkerton. 

Special Programs

  • My child is currently in a special program, can he/she apply to Pinkerton?
    Not all special programs or services will be available at Pinkerton. Below is a sample list of some of the services offered at Pinkerton.

    • Special Education Services/Support
    • RtI/504 Accommodations in the Classroom
    • Personal Academic Growth Program
    • Multisensory Language Instruction for Dyslexia Service
    • English as a Second Language/English Language Learner
    • Gifted and Talented

    For additional information about special programs at Pinkerton, please contact the Principal or Assistant Principal at 214-496-6800.

    My child is currently receiving special education services, can he/she apply to Pinkerton?
    Yes, your child may apply to Pinkerton. If selected in the lottery, the ARD committee must approve the new placement to ensure proper services are available.


  • Is tuition required to attend Pinkerton?


  • Will transportation be provided?
    No. Parents who do NOT live within the Pinkerton boundaries will need to provide their own transportation for their children who apply to attend Pinkerton.
    Will pay-to-ride bus transportation be available?
    No. The pay-to-ride service will not be available to families who apply to Pinkerton from another campus. 

Lottery & Wait List

  • Do Parents need to attend the lottery drawing to be eligible for selection? 
    No. Parents do not need to attend the lottery. After names are drawn, CISD will email and mail a letter home notifying parents of their acceptance or if they have been put on a wait list.
    How will the lottery work?
    After the applications are submitted, if space is available the children's names will be compiled and put into a lottery software system. Children not selected in the lottery will remain on a waiting list. 
    If one child is selected through the lottery process, are the siblings automatically selected?
    Yes, as long as it doesn't make a grade level go over the state ratios.


  • If my situation changes and I no longer want my child at Pinkerton, can he/she transfer mid-year?
    Any mid-year transfer requests will require approval from the transfer committee.

Middle School

  • What middle school will my child attend?
    They can choose to follow the Pinkerton middle school pattern, which is Coppell Middle School East. Parents will still need to provide transportation to CMS East (if CMS East is not your zoned middle school). If they prefer, students may also choose to attend their zoned middle school.