Mrs. Nichole Bentley



Degrees and Certifications:

BBA from University of Nebraska – Lincoln; MBA from Southern Methodist University

Mrs. Nichole Bentley

Began Serving on School Board: May 2018
Up for Re-Election: May 2021

Occupation/Place of Employment:
CEO, Prio Consulting, LLC & Franchise Co-Owner, Cruise Planners

Spouse: Brett A. Schneider, President, Prio Consulting, LLC & Franchise Co-Owner, Cruise Planners
Children: Sons Mitchell Schneider (22) student at UNT, Zac Schneider (20), Brady Schneider (17) student at CHS and Jackson Briscoe (16) student at CHS
Pets: Dogs - Ginger, Chloe and Hazel

Travel, Reading, Interior Decorating and Repurposing Projects

What factors most strongly influenced your decision to run for the School Board?
I am passionate about CISD enhancing what we do well and creatively improving in the areas where we could do better. I have a history of being able to do that collaboratively.

Volunteer Commitments:
 ♦ Young Men’s Service League
 ♦ CHS Hospitality Committee
 ♦ Irving Bible Church

Which campuses have you adopted this year?
Lakeside, VRE, Wilson, CMS East, CHS9, CHS, NTH@C, VR@C

What are your 1-5 year goals for the students in CISD?
My goals are to provide opportunities for all students to explore and find their passions – whether they are college bound or have other next steps – while developing ethics, character and resourcefulness. I want to ensure that our students feel safe, have relationships with faculty or staff so they know their presence matters, and are academically challenged in meaningful ways.

Is there valuable insight and some information you feel a prospective school board candidate should know BEFORE they seek election?
It is important to reflect on gap between being willing to run compared to being willing to make the commitment required to serve, if elected. Understanding various campuses and at least some aspects of CISD’s operations are helpful to being able to serve immediately. And, a track record of volunteering in various capacities, again, helps to provide a perspective that enables you to serve all of CISD’s students and better understand the experiences of a variety of CISD families.