Mr. David Caviness



Degrees and Certifications:

BBA Finance, Texas A&M-Commerce

Mr. David Caviness

Began Serving on School Board: May 2017
Up for Re-Election: May 2020

Occupation/Place of Employment:
Certified Financial Planner  Caviness Wealth Management, LLC

Spouse: Jessica, Educator
Children: Sons Blake (11) attending CMS East, Beau (7) attending Pinkerton and Benjamin (6) attending Pinkerton

Fishing, Hunting, Skiing

What factors most strongly influenced your decision to run for the School Board?
As a long-term Coppell resident, father of 3 CISD students and husband of an Educator, I believe I bring a unique perspective and vested interest in seeing that CISD continues to deliver on its commitment to provide a great education for many years to come.

Volunteer Commitments:
 ♦ Pinkerton PTO Dad’s Club
 ♦ Coppell ISD Education Foundation

On what committees do you serve as a CISD School Board Trustee?
 ♦ CISD Strategic Design Team
 ♦ Bond Oversight Committee
 ♦ Coppell ISD Education Foundation

Which campuses have you adopted this year?
Austin, Pinkerton, CMS East, CHS9, CHS, NTH@C, VP@C

What are your 1-5 year goals for the students in CISD?
Continue to improve communication within the community. Plan for student growth in a fiscally responsible manner. Work towards achieving the goals set forth by the community through our strategic design efforts.

Is there valuable insight and some information you feel a prospective school board candidate should know BEFORE they seek election?
Anyone seeking to serve in a school board capacity should educate themselves on the district and to better understand the “why” behind decisions, policies and practices. Most importantly, they should be involved.

What have you learned about being an elected public official that has helped you successfully perform your duties for the children and citizens for the district?
The most important things I have learned are to ask questions, respect the staff and teachers, and never lose focus on our primary mission to provide a top notch education to our kids.