CTE Staff

First Last Title Email Phone
Dr. Deana Dynis Executive Director of Teaching and Learning ddynis@coppellisd.com
Donna Johnson Administrative Assistant djohnson@coppellisd.com 214-496-6041

CHS/CHS9 Counselors

First Last Title Email Phone
Cheryl Abreu CHS Counselor (A-CHAN) cabreu@coppellisd.com 214-496-6132
Ann Cinelli CHS Lead Counselor (REH-SOR) acinelli@coppellisd.com 214-496-6142
Trisha Fiene-Spain CHS Counselor (MUO-REG) tfienespain@coppellisd.com 214-496-7073
LaQueena Garcia CHS Counselor (SOS-Z) lgarcia@coppellisd.com 214-496-6144
David McKean CHS Counselor (GP-KIM) dmckean@coppellisd.com 214-496-6146
Laura McMillin CHS Counselor (CHAO-Gz) lmcmillin@coppellisd.com 214-496-6135
Janaea Williams CHS Counselor (KIM-MUN) jwilliams@coppellisd.com 214-496-6114
Kelly Guevara CHS9 Counselor (L-Z) kguevara@coppellisd.com 214-496-3818
Jayal Maehs CHS9 Counselor (A-K) jmaehs@coppellisd.com 214-496-3812

NTH@C Counselor

First Last Title Email Phone
Michael Kennington NTH@C Counselor mkennington@coppellisd.com 214-496-5908