Strategic Design Logo

Discovery and Definition Phase

  • Board Meeting (November 27)
    Presentation of the Strategic Design initiative, the process and next steps.

    Education Summits (November 30 | December 4 | December 6)
    Facilitated, interactive sessions designed to encourage participant dialogue about their values and vision for education in our district.  Anyone is welcome to attend, from CISD staff to parents & students to our community.  All Education Summit attendees will take the Strategic Design Questionnaire at the Summit.

    Strategic Design Questionnaire (December-January)
    An online questionnaire created to collect input and perspectives specific to the current state of and future desires for the district.

    District/Market Research (November-January)
    Compiled primarily by district staff, this research on the population, economic, social and technological identity of CISD will also be used to inform the definition of strategies.

    In-depth Interviews (December-January)
    In-depth interviews with key stakeholder groups – students, parents, administrators, teachers, former students and community members – designed to validate opportunities and expectations. Combined with data from the Strategic Design Questionnaire and District Research, these interviews will inform the definition of strategies for the district. 

    Vision Alignment Workshop (March)
    Facilitated sessions, with representatives from all stakeholder groups, leveraging the data compiled from the Questionnaire, Interviews and Research to define the District core beliefs and strategies.

    Stakeholders Walkthroughs (April 13th and 16th)
    Stakeholders will have an opportunity to review the district’s draft values and strategies, which have resulted from all the great insight shared via the online questionnaire, in-depth interviews and vision alignment workshops that have taken place over the last three and a half months. District staff and third-party facilitators working on this effort will be available for Q&A and clarification opportunities for students, parents, community members and alumni on Friday, April 13 and Monday, April 16 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of  the Vonita White Administration Building. This is a “come and go” event in an effort to keep our stakeholders informed about the progress we’re making.

    Strategy Audits (April-May)
    Groups of stakeholders will be assigned to explore and investigate best practices specific to each strategy developed during the Vision Alignment Workshop.

    Confirmation Workshop (May)
    The Vision Alignment Team will review the Strategy Audits in order to refine and prioritize the strategies before presenting to the Board of Trustees.

    Board Approval (June 25, 2018)
    Presentation of the confirmed strategies to the Board of Trustees for approval.