Superintendent Priority Performance Goal 1:


    Pinkerton Classroom Coppell ISD will design a new community based accountability system (CBAS) to ensure that all students are future-ready learners and better assess our students learning.


    We have been working with the Texas Performance Assessment Consortium (TPAC) to develop an accountability system that can be used in Coppell ISD. The TPAC Core Group is Dr. Angie Applegate, Dr. Greg Axelson, Steffany Batik, Dr. Deana Dynis, Cooper Hilton and Brad Hunt. We have met six times as a whole group, then have recently divided into smaller groups in an effort to further continue the work. We are making adequate progress as we begin to develop a community based accountability system that works for Coppell ISD. We hosted our first community communication event through “Lunch Bites” that shared information about CBAS to our community and provided an opportunity to have their questions

    Measurements will include:

    • A completed CBAS to be used in Coppell ISD – in progress
    • Aligned goal with District Improvement Plan strategies - completed
    • Student achievement and progress levels will exceed state and national (where applicable) standards/averages for all student groups – in progress
    • Create a Schoology course for parents related to social and emotional growth and other areas beyond core content – re-evaluating
    • Establish a District Social & Emotional Advisory Council/Committee - completed
    • Develop sessions related to CBAS for Parent University – postponed because of school closure
    • Increase performance in core course mastery by 10% - in progress
    • Improvements in vertical and horizontal delivery and assessment of the curriculum – in progress
    • Increase in mastery of students receiving services through special education/504 by 10% - in progress
    • Create an online informational pamphlet highlighting various data throughout the district to be shared with the community – in development
    • Presentation to all administrators during Administrative Academy - completed
    • Host a Facebook Live event detailing the work of the TPAC & CBAS to share with the community – completed
    • Presentation at the Texas Assessment Conference - completed
    • Develop cohort group with other TPAC school districts to plan, share ideas and collaborate – completed
    • Used Panorama to survey employees, students (3rd grade and above) and parents/guardians in the fall and spring as part of CBAS efforts – completed
    • Host professional learning opportunity for board to partner with other TPAC school district staff and board – completed
    • Continually updated and soliciting input from DEIC - completed
    • Polling various stakeholders for CBAS Pillars - completed
    • CISD will continue to investigate, explore and create tools/strategies that support our families’ ability to enhance and extend their child’s learning – in progress

    Community-Based Accountability Pillars

    Student Learning and Progress

    • STAAR
    • NWEA MAP Mastery
    • Blub Digital Portfolios

    Student Readiness

    • SAT, ACT, College Admissions
    • National Clearinghouse
    • CTE Pathways/Cert.
    • Graduation Rates
    • NWEA MAP Growth
    • CLI Engage (PK)

    Engaged, Well-RoundedStudents

    • Extracurricular
    • Club Participation
    • Athletics
    • Fine Arts
    • Panarama - Engagement SEL

    Community Engagement and Partnerships

    • Panarama Survey
    • Raptor Volunteer
    • PTO Membership
    • Campus/Community Events

    Professional Learning and Quality Staff

    • Hours Outside the School Day
    • Presentations
    • Bachelors/Masters/Doctorat
    • Highly Qualified Teachers
    • National Cert.
    • District PL Offerings
    • ADE, PLC Model School Great Expectations, etc.
    • Panarama - freedback from educators

    Fiscal and Operational

    • Business Office
    • Audit
    • Facilities/transportation

    Safety and Well-Being

    • Panarama
    • Safety Audits
    • Budget Alocations
    • CPI Training
    • CPR
    • Participating in Teen Screen

Superintendent Priority Performance Goal 2:


    Strategic Design Workshop We will develop a comprehensive long range plan for Coppell ISD that will guide the district through 2023.


    We have made great progress in this area. Through the help of Blake Godkin at Tekzenit, the leadership of Kristen Streeter, Dr. Deana Dynis, and Angela Brown and our Strategic Design Core Team, we have updated our mission statement, developed Core Values and created a new district tag line. A variety of strategies have been used to engage students, teachers, parents and community members through a strategic design process. These strategies include interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We have utilized several of the same strategies as a follow up to the work as we assess our progress. We have expanded the work and progressed to the next stage of advocacy through additional training with Blake and identifying advocates from each campus and every department.

    Measurements/deliverables will include:

    • Host Education Summits (4) in the community to solicit feedback and input from various stakeholders - completed
    • Seek additional input from community members via an online survey - completed
    • Use in-depth interviews to solicit more specific input and feedback from 60 members of the community - completed
    • Strategic Design Session Participate in a Vision Alignment Workshop with 30 members composed of students, staff, parents and community members - completed
    • Facilitate focus groups (students. Staff and Community) for additional input and specific feedback - completed
    • Utilize the Design Charrette model with three target campuses – NTH@C, the new middle school and the campus for ninth graders - completed
    • Update of District mission, values and tagline - completed
    • Update the CISD Learner Profile – completed
    • Increase awareness on student and staff mental health with the use of focus groups, training for parents and staff, and the development of rubrics to assess the work – in progress
    • Center work around Core Values – Great Teaching, Redefining Success, Relationships & Engagement – and develop filter used to measure progress in these areas - completed
    • Hosted Core Value Advocates training sessions to focus on implementation of the core values on campuses and in departments - completed
    • Identified new Core Value Advocates for campuses and departments for the 2020-2021 school year - in progress
    • Focused on implementing the strategic design process around collective engagement - in progress
    • Wrote a Point of View paper on “What is Collective Engagement in CISD?” - completed
    • Involve “student voice” in the Advocacy work by using Superintendent’s Student Advisory group - completed

    Advocate Training: Hosted training for campus Strategic Design advocates four times a year

Superintendent Priority Performance Goal 3:


    By May 31, 2019 we will increase our employee retention rate to 90% and improve the development of the district leadership team to better serve the needs of Coppell ISD.       


    Turnover Graphic

    We have experienced an overall reduction in staff turnover and we are on track to see this trend continue for the 2019-2020 school year. We have expanded our stay interview process, as well as continuing our exit interviews, to access any trends or identity themes that have an impact on staff retention. In addition, our Human Resources team has made campus and department visits throughout the year. These visits serve as an opportunity for staff to ask questions and receive information from the HR Team, as well as allow our HR Team to interface directly with staff members.

    In reference to the development of the district leadership team, we have hosted two successful District Leadership Academies with positive feedback from each session. Approximately 27 people have completed this training. We also expanded the leadership training to focus on beginning and new to CISD campus administrators with the development of the New/Beginning Administrator Academy which was attended by all new to campus administration and those campus administrators who are new to CISD..

    Measurements/deliverables will include:

    • HR Campus visit Restructure the district Organization Chart - completed
    • Continue hiring process for district administrators - completed
    • Revamp the meeting model for district administration - completed
    • Develop and implement a leadership strain for CISD district administrators – completed and expanded
    • Revamp Cabinet meetings through the PLC process to better align Strategic Design work with DIP - completed
    • Expand the Professional Learning Communities work through the use of the PLC Coaching Academy and embedding the work district-wide – in progress/partial completed
    • Expand the Stay Interview pilot to include additional campuses and departments - completed
    • Coordinate internal and external communication to enhance stakeholder understanding and engagement - completed
    • Continue Superintendent Teacher Advisory Council - completed
    • Create specific communication venues exclusively for staff – completed
    • Provide staff development in the area of staff social and emotional well-being – completed
    • Expand the CISD Sick Bank to include extended leave requests - completed
    • Revamp the professional learning model to offer more choice in staff development options and delivery of content – completed
    • Campus visits by the Human Resources team to share employee benefits, personnel and answer employee questions - completed
    • Use Unconscious Bias trainer of trainers model to extend training district-wide – in progress/partial completed
    • Hosted a SEL focused staff development day in February for all staff members - completed
    • Expanded Stay Interviews to focus on specific staff groups - in progress