• Who is responsible for loss, theft or damage?

    • Parents or guardians of PreK-12th grade students are encouraged to pay a non-refundable $25 fee for the Device Protection Plan ($40 for New Tech High @ Coppell parents or guardians), which will be used to repair accidental damage to iPads or MacBooks.
    • Insurance is still recommended to cover a lost device not covered by the fee. You can choose from several options of insuring your iPad. If you would like to use Worth Avenue Group, then visit their website HERE.  

    How is payment collected?

    • Parents will use SchoolPay to pay the annual fee for the Device Protection Plan during summer registration or when they register for the school.
    • Students new to the district, please note that it may take a few days after you register for you to obtain a Student ID number to create SchoolPay login to pay your Device Protection Plan.

    Do students keep the same device every year?

    • Yes, PreK-12th grade students will use the same device every year unless it is replaced with a new device.

    Do students keep devices during the summer?

    • Yes, PreK-12th grade students will keep their assigned device during summer.

    What if a student leaves the district?

    • Students who leave the district will return the device and accessories to their home campus during the school year. In the event that a device is not returned, CISD will report the device as stolen to the local police department. If the student withdraws from CISD during the summer months the device must be returned to the campus.

    Will students be able to take devices home? Can students keep their device at school?

    • PreK-12th grade students will be able to take their device home. Devices should be taken home every day for homework and charging.

    How do new student obtain an iPad when the enroll at CISD?

    • New PreK-12th grade students will be issued an iPad once their enrollment is complete. A temporary device can be checked out until a permanent device is available.