Expanding 3E's Garden Grant

  • Thanks to the dedicated members of the Child Nutrition Department and the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), we are excited to announce that we have received the Expanding 3E's (X3E) School Garden Grant for a second time!  Funded by a grant from the Texas Department of Nutrition, the goal of the grant is to help our learners connect with the "3E's of Healthy Living - Education, Exercise and Eating Right."  In addition, the Texas Department of Agriculture has approved an extension of the Phase I grant through December 2019. Grant funds will be utilized to enhance our school gardens by purchasing equipment, seeds, educational materials and more.

    Phase I Schools:

    • Austin Elementary
    • Denton Creek Elementary
    • Pinkerton Elementary
    • Town Center Elementary
    • Wilson Elementary

    Phase I Extension:

    • Canyon Ranch Elementary
    • Middle School East
    • Middle School North
    • Middle School West

    Phase II Schools:

    • Cottonwood Creek Elementary
    • Lakeside Elementary
    • Richard J. Lee Elementary
    • Mockingbird Elementary
    • Valley Ranch Elementary

    This grant will help connect our students to local agriculture through gardens, outdoor learning programs, and more!

    We'd like to extend a special thanks to the following organizations for their generous donations. ongoing expertise, and support:

    • Coppell Community Gardens 
    • Keep Coppell Beautiful
    • Dallas County Master Gardeners
    • Coppell Senior Center

2019-2020 Garden Goals

  • The Child Nutrition Department is committed to reinforcing the connection between health and learning.  Alongside our Agricultural Education Assistant, Larry Thompson, we are working closely with our grant schools to create sustainable gardens that can be used for years to come.

    With seeds and equipment purchased using grant funds, students will be able to plant, maintain and harvest fruits and vegetables grown in the school gardens.  Items grown in the garden will be sampled in the lunchroom by students, who can then see the connection between planting and eating.

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