Hands On Equations is a system for teaching algebraic thinking and problem solving to young learners through the use of manipulatives and the concept of a balance scale. This program is primarily for learners in third grade. Learners are selected for this program through teacher recommendation and learner performance. We meet weekly to learn and practice new ideas and 'legal moves'. There is a homework expectation that begins sometime in the second semester. It is possible that learners who participate in Hands On Equations in third may continue this work in fourth grade in order to build further upon these skills. Take a look at this video for more information: Hands On Equations Video


    Math Olympiad is a problem solving competition program for students in 4th and 5th graders based on teacher recommendations and student performance. There will be try-outs in order to build a strong team and to make sure that the learners who participate are not unduly frustrated.

    Some of the goals of the program are...

    • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
    • To introduce important Mathematical concepts
    • To teach major strategies for problem solving
    • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
    • To strengthen Mathematical intuition
    • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
    • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

    During this time we will explore mathematical topics and problem solving strategies in depth. This will prepare students to compete in the nationwide, monthly contests given five times during the year. All contests will be administered by Mrs. Carlsson during club time.

    Learners who choose to accept invitation into Math Olympiad are expected to attend all group meetings and participate enthusiastically. Further, they are expected to complete Math Olympiad homework and bring their folders and homework to class every week. Learners who are extremely frustrated by the level of problem solving work we do, or who do not consistently bring their homework and folder to our practices may be removed from the team.


    Click the link below to see the Math Olympiad problem of the month...

    Math Olympiad Problem of the Month

    For sample problems click HERE!

    Please note the Elementary Math Olympiad Program is Division E!

    Want to brush up on your Math Vocabulary Skills before the next Math Olympiad Test? Click the links below for some great vocabulary flash cards...

    Grade 5 Math Vocabulary Cards

    Grades 6-8 Math Vocabulary Cards



    Types of Numbers Video

    Prime, Composite, & Square Numbers

    Factoring Numbers

    Prime Factorization

    Divisibility Rules

    Solving Word Problems

    These lesson videos come from another great math competition and instruction program, Math Counts. There are so many videos in their library that do a great job of explaining many of the concepts and strategies we use in Math Olympiad. Check them out!