Parent Letter: Explanation of Accountability Summary

  • September 2019

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    In 2009, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3. This Bill mandated the creation of a new accountability system with a focus on postsecondary readiness. In 2013, House Bill 5 was passed, which added additional indicators of postsecondary readiness measures. The result of both of these bills  is an accountability system that uses a performance index framework to provide comprehensive information about a school district and its campuses. In 2017, House Bill 22 was passed. This changed the face of accountability by creating an A-F system. For the new accountability system, three areas of performance are evaluated for a district and each campus: 

    • Student Achievement – This domain recognizes high student achievement. 
    • School Progress – The year-to-year progress and growth of students is evaluated.
    • Closing the Gaps – In this domain, student performance is disaggregated by various groups of students.

    In 2019, school districts and campuses receive a letter rating of A-F for their overall accountability rating. To calculate the overall rating for a district/campus, 70% is derived from either the Student Achievement or School Progress domain score; the state uses the higher of the two domain scores. The remaining 30% of the overall rating consists of the Closing the Gaps domain score. In Coppell ISD, the district received an overall score of “A.” 

    In addition to the three domains, the state has devised a system to honor outstanding academic achievement for districts and campuses achieving an overall rating of A-D. There are seven possible Distinction Designations, and the number available to campuses differs based upon the assessments given at that campus level. The Distinction Designations are:

    • Academic Achievement in Reading/English Language Arts
    • Academic Achievement in Math
    • Academic Achievement in Science
    • Academic Achievement in Social Studies
    • Top 25 Percent:  Comparative Academic Growth
    • Top 25 Percent:  Comparative Closing the Gaps
    • Postsecondary Readiness

    The 2019 Accountability information for your campus, along with an explanation, is posted on your campus website. District accountability information is located on the district website at under the area of “Accountability.” 

    Websites for additional accountability information:

    Thank you,

    Debbie Youngs
    Director of Research, Accountability, and Assessment
    Coppell ISD

Last Modified on August 23, 2019