Parent School Compact

  • Purpose

    As a Title 1 school, Austin Elementary is committed to developing strong partnerships between home and school in order to meet the individual needs of every student. The purpose of this document is to communicate an understanding of staff, parent and student responsibilities. Our annual school parent compact offers ways that we can work together to help our students succeed. This compact provides strategies to help connect learning at school and at home. Effective Compacts: link to academic achievement goals, focus on student learning, share strategies that staff, parents, and students can use, explain how teachers and parents will communicate about student progress, and describe opportunities for parents to observe, volunteer, and participate in the school community

    Jointly Developed

    The parents, students, and staff worked together and shared ideas to develop the school-parent compact. A Site-Based Decision-Making Committee and Title I Committee Meeting are held each year to review and revise the compact based on the school’s academic achievement goals and students’ needs. Parents are welcome to provide feedback at any time. All feedback will be collected and reviewed during the annual revision meeting with parents and staff.

    Building Partnerships

    There are many opportunities at our school for parents to volunteer and play a role in their child’s education. Please consider joining the faculty, staff, and fellow parents through some of the following events and programs:  

    • Volunteer opportunities throughout the school year (background check required)
    • Family Fridays (pre-registration required)
    • Parent Book Clubs
    • Coffee with the Principal and PTO President
    • Thanksgiving and holiday feasts
    • PTO family events (Mustang Stampede, spring picnic, movie nights, restaurant nights)
    • Parent learning walks
    • Rise and Shine Assemblies

    Our Goals for Student Achievement 2019-2020

    Austin Elementary met standards in all domains on the 2018 Accountability Report Card.
    Austin Elementary - Overall Campus Score - A

    • Student Achievement - A//95 -  (increased from A/91 last year)
    • Academic Growth - B/83 - (increased from B/80 last year)
    • Relative Performance - B/84 (increased from C/70 last year)
    • Closing the Gaps - A/90 (increased from C/76 last year)

    Austin Elementary received distinctions in math, science, and post-secondary readiness. The following scores show the percent of students on the 2019 STAAR who Approached Standard:

    • 3rd Grade Math: 86% (decrease by 3%)
    • 3rd Grade Reading: 93% (increase by 10%)
    • 4th Grade Math: 73% (decrease by 14%)
    • 4th Grade Reading: 84% (decrease by 10%)
    • 4th Grade Writing: 85% (no change)
    • 5th Grade Math: 93% (increase by 3%)
    • 5th Grade Reading: 97% (increased by 7%)
    • 5th Grade Science: 89% (decreased by 5%)

    Five year trends indicate the following growth areas for Austin:

    • Closing the achievement gap for our economically disadvantaged student group and Hispanic student group in the area of mathematics. Our student success target (student achievement domain score) for our economically disadvantaged student group was 38% and we are at 37%. Our target for mathematics academic achievement for our economically disadvantaged student group in the area of math was 36% and we are at 22%. Our target for mathematics academic achievement for our Hispanic student group is 40% and we are at 25%.
    • We will continue to focus on literacy and numeracy in grades PreK-2nd in order to build a solid foundation in reading and mathematics and provide timely interventions to learners through our response to intervention process.

    School Goals and Focus Areas 2019-2020

    • Providing professional learning opportunities for educators in the following areas
      • Culturally Responsive Teaching
      • Response to intervention
      • Restorative discipline practices (respect agreements, common learner reflection forms, classroom circles)
      • Social emotional learning
      • Professional Learning Communities
    • Creating systematic process for responding to learner needs
    • Ensuring every learner makes a minimum of one year’s growth
    • School wide expectations for behavior (Austin Expectations)

    Communication About Student Learning

    Austin Elementary School is committed to frequent two-way communication with families about children’s learning. Some of the ways parents and teachers communicate all year are:

    • Weekly homework folders
    • Weekly newsletters (from classroom educators and principal)
    • Check-in notes or phone calls
    • Updates on the school website
    • Learner goal-setting
    • Learner-led conferences
    • Parent Conferences

    Educators, Parents, Learners -  Together for Success

    CISD and Austin Elementary are committed to the belief that all students can learn and that parents, teachers, students,and administrators must work together to create a positive support system for each child. CISD and Austin Elementary will provide a safe and challenging learning environment that will encourage and enable each student to achieve success. We pledge to provide parents opportunities for involvement in their child’s education through parent-teacher conferences, serving on committees, attending special campus and grade level activities, along with many opportunities to volunteer in our school and from home.


    • Respect every child and treat each one as an individual
    • Provide quality curriculum and instruction
    • Supply information about student progress
    • Communicate frequently regarding each child’s progress
    • Encourage each student to do his/her best
    • Provide opportunities for formal parent/teacher conferences


    • Set high expectations for my child regarding self-discipline, responsibility and respect
    • Ensure that my child is in school and ready to learn by 7:40 am
    • Check with my child and visit with them about school each day
    • Insist that all homework assignments are completed and help my child as needed
    • Attend school functions and parent/ teacher conferences


    • Follow our Austin Elementary Mustang Code - We are respectful, we are responsible, we are safe, we are prepared, because we are Austin Mustangs on a mission to excellence!
    • Follow the Austin Expectations
    • Be prepared to learn and do my best each day
    • Show respect for all students, staff and other adults at Austin Elementary
    • Complete all school work / homework and turn in assignments on time
    • Make good choices and take responsibility for my actions

    Please send feedback to Kristan Perryman @ 


Last Modified on September 23, 2020