FAQ Regarding the Coppell ISD Response to COVID-19 for Parents

Questions about School Closure

  • How long will CISD be closed in response to COVID-19?

  • Are extracurricular activities canceled?

  • Is there any guidance from UIL on athletics regarding COVID-19?

  • How will I know if the closure is extended?

  • Will bad weather days be used during the closure?

  • Will the district clean school facilities and buses?

  • Can we use the school athletic fields and playgrounds during the closure?

Online Learning Plan

  • Will CISD provide online learning during this closure?

  • How does Off-Campus PE work during this closure?

  • I don’t have internet access at home? How should my child access the online learning?

  • What if I am aware of a free online resource for learners, staff or families?

Provision of Meals During the Closure

  • Will CISD provide meals during the closure?

  • Does my child have to be on the free and reduced lunch list to receive the free curbside meal provided during this closure?

  • What meals are included?

  • Do children need to bring their ID?

  • Can I pick up meals for someone else?

  • How should I store my meals?

  • What efforts are being made to keep foods safe?

  • Are volunteers needed?

Registration, Transfer, Enrollment and Other Questions

  • What about enrollment?

  • What about Kindergarten and Pre-K registration?

  • Rising 6th grade (Current 5th grade) course request forms are due March 17, what do we do?

  • How do I login to HAC?

  • How do I turn in my pink sheet course ranking to my child’s counselor?

  • HAC won’t let me rank courses, how do I ensure that my child’s elective preferences are entered correctly?

  • What about the Transfer Application Process set to begin March 16?

  • What about the Pinkerton and Dual Language Immersion Lotteries and March 17 in-person application deadline?

  • What about Spring Credit By Exam testing?

  • What about IB Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme May examinations?

  • What about TSI tests?

Upcoming Events and Other Questions

  • Will the district cancel events beyond May 5?

  • Has the CHS Prom been cancelled?

  • What about Graduation and student travel with April deadlines, etc.?

  • Will I receive a refund for cancelled activities and trips that I paid for through the campus or district?

Other Questions

  • What about other questions I have?