FAQ Regarding the Coppell ISD Response to COVID-19 for Staff

General Questions about the Closure

  • How long will CISD be closed in response to COVID-19?

  • How will I know if the closure is extended?

  • Are extracurricular activities canceled?

  • What do I do if I am not getting the CISD alert messages?

  • What about the employee student transfer process?

Travel and Self-Quarantine

  • Do I need to tell my supervisor if I travelled to Level 2 or 3 country or went on a cruise over Spring Break? Do I still need to self-quarantine?

  • If I have to self-quarantine past the district closure, do I have to use my personal or sick days?

Employee Pay and Work During the Closure

  • Will I be paid during this closure?

Access to Campuses and District Facilities

  • I left personal belongings at school. How can I get them?

Online Learning Plan

  • Will CISD provide online learning during this closure?

  • Should I share resources for parents that I have found online with the families of students in my classroom?

  • Have additional questions?

Provision of Meals During the Closure

  • Will CISD provide meals during the closure?

  • Does my child have to be on the free and reduced lunch list to receive the free curbside meal provided during this closure?

  • What meals are included?

  • Do children need to bring their ID?

  • Can I pick up meals for someone else?

  • How should I store my meals?

  • What efforts are being made to keep foods safe?

  • Are volunteers needed?


  • What if I have additional questions or concerns not addressed here, who should I contact?