The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department developed the Outdoor Education course to enhance, and educate students in outdoor activities and wildlife conservation.  The curriculum includes:  The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Hunter Education, Boater Education, and Angler Education courses.  Wilderness Survival, Trip planning, Wildlife conservation, camping, backpacking, orienteering, archery and tackle crafts, are also areas of exploration for the student. Emphasis is placed on ethics, safety, conservation, laws, responsibilities, and physical fitness.  Student participation in many activities creates the appreciation of the outdoors as well as an opportunity to find a particular activity that may lead to a lifetime of enjoyment.

    Weeks of Nov. 18 thru Dec. 20th
    Instructional Focus:Archery

    Students will learn camping skills. Tent construction, camping gear, fire building, wilderness survival, orienteering and trip planning are the topics covered.

    Trip planningassignment


    Plan a camping trip to a national park that will be 4 days in the park. 


    On this trip you will stay in designated camp grounds. 


    List the activities that you will do while there (what will you see and do). 


    What kind of clothing will you need? 


    How many people are going on this trip? 


    How much and what type of food will you need?


    What other supplies will you need? 


    What are the costs for staying at the park? 


    What services or accommodations does the park have? 


    What are the food costs, travel expenses, supply costs? 


    What equipment do you need? Make a list.


    How much time is needed for the total trip?


    When are you going to go and why at that time?


    List 4 major pieces of equipment with their cost.


                    Put the information in a power point and be prepared to present your findings to the class.


    Assessments:Subjective and Objective tests are used.