• Return to School Guide

    The information in Coppell ISD’s Return to School Guide and on this website is subject to change based on guidance from Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Education Agency, the CDC, and the state and Dallas County Health Department.  For questions and concerns, please email input@coppellisd.com.

  • A Message from our Superintendent

    Updated on 11-10-2020

    Dear Coppell ISD Families,

    I want to thank the members of our Return to School Task Force for their dedication and feedback. We developed this guide, which is the culmination of weeks of hard work, gathering input from our staff and families, and robust discussions with representatives from a variety of district departments and campuses.  We also reviewed guidelines from the state, Texas Education Agency and the Dallas County Health Department.   When CISD receives updates from these agencies, we update this guide accordingly. 

    Before providing an overview of this guide, which details how face-to-face, (in-person) instruction is  handled at our schools, I want to share an overview of what distance learning, remote (at-home) from home will look like. CISD will use an asynchronous instruction model for distance learning. While some of these elements will be similar to CISD Distance learning from the spring, CISD will be held to more stringent accountability standards with attendance, a higher level of rigor, more feedback and interaction between students and teachers, and aligned grading expectations for all students.  You can find more detailed information at www.coppellisd.com/learningplans

    This Return to School Guide details what face-to-face (in-person) instruction looks like in CISD.  The use of face coverings or masks by students and staff will be determined by the rate of community transmission of COVID-19 and the health recommendations associated with each level. The district will rely on guidance from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Dallas County Health Department, as well as any executive orders or directives from Governor Greg Abbott, to determine the community transmission level and mandatory use of face coverings.  As of November 9, 2020, face coverings are mandated by Gov. Abbott and our local health department. 

    All of the protocols and procedures in this guide are subject to change based on state and county guidance.

    As always, I appreciate our community’s support of our district as we work together to educate our children. 


    Brad Hunt

    Dr. Brad Hunt

  • A Message from Coppell ISD's Return to School Task Force

  • Arrival and Dismissal at School

  • Athletics and Physical Education — Extracurricular Participation

  • Attendance and Enrollment

  • Bus Transportation Protocols

  • Campus Events, Large-Group Gatherings & Special Event Announcements

  • Campus Visitors

  • Cleaning & Disinfectant Protocols

  • Commitment Form and Enrollment

  • Communication

  • ESL/Bilingual Programs (ESL, Newcomer Services, Bilingual)

  • Facility Rentals & After-School Events

  • Fine Arts (Art, Band, Choir and Theatre) — Extracurricular Participation

  • General Health & Safety Protocols

  • Gifted and Talented Services

  • Handwashing & Hand Sanitizers

  • Health Pre-Screening for Staff & Students

  • Instructional Delivery Options

  • Intervention Services (Special Education/504)

  • Lunchroom Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Masks

  • School Health Clinic Procedures

  • Social Distancing Protocols

  • Social-Emotional Support/Mental Wellness

  • Technology Support

  • Work and Learning Environments