Remote Instruction Comparison of Spring 2020 vs. Fall 2020

  • Preparing for Remote (at-home) Asynchronous - Distance Learning
    As a district, we had to transition quickly into Distance Learning for the spring 2020 final nine weeks of instruction. In doing so, we truly applaud the numerous efforts it took in order to make that happen with moving from a face to face learning format to full virtual in a matter of a weeks.

    As we move into the 2020-2021 school year, it will be important for all staff, learners and families to understand how our Spring 2020 Remote - Distance Learning will vary from our Fall 2020 - Remote - Distance Learning. We will have some similarities in delivery of instruction, but will have more expectations from the district and state as far as accountability practices, rigor in instruction and attendance tracking.

    Click here to view Remote Instruction Spring 2020 vs. Fall 2020 in a PDF

Spring 2020 - Distance Learning

    • Not full day of instruction - limiting hours
    • Pass/Fail for Grading and some opportunities for feedback
    • Flexibility from state on attendance tracking
    • Specials - Elementary, Electives - Secondary (not fully required)
    • Educators gaining comfort level with teaching virtually and using tools
    • Some Zoom opportunities and recorded lessons

Fall 2020 - Distance Learning

    • Full day of instruction - Instructional  minutes required by state (equity and alignment of face to face/virtual, while allowing for flexibility as needed for families during the day)
    • Grades required and assessment practices in place for progress monitoring and feedback
    • Daily Attendance tracking required - engagement levels (funding and instructional minutes for monitoring learner progress)
    • All courses required as a part of instructional minutes and TEKS
    • Strengthening educator preparation, training and stronger alignment of tools for design and assessment
    • More synchronous opportunities and requirements for Zoom Sessions during the week along with recorded lessons