• Here is the link for all the Clubs and Organizations available at CHS. All clubs must have a Coppell High School teacher as a sponsor.  Both new and returning clubs are responsible for finding a sponsor for their club. 


    • New and returning clubs must submit a 2022-2023 application by Thursday, September 15, 2022, by 4:15 pm
    • Club applications submitted past the September 15, 2022 deadline will be denied and learners are encouraged to submit an application in the next school year (extreme exceptions may be considered). 
    • Clubs with similar purposes will be encouraged to merge. 
    • Clubs not following the expectations will be disbanded and encouraged to join other clubs. 

    Club learner-organizers must:

    • Recruit at least one faculty sponsor.
    • Recruit at least ten learner-members.
    • Create a fair and reasonable method for electing leadership,
    • Elect leaders by Friday, September 30, 2022,
    • Publish a one-pager about how to join the club, when and where to attend meetings, and the purpose/activities of the club, and
    • Submit the Club Data Form by September 30, December 9, February 24, and April 28

    Other expectations:

    • MUST participate in the Club Expo at all lunches on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.  
    • Hold at least two monthly club meetings–one meeting is allowed in December and May.
    • Avoid meeting after school on Fridays or the last school day before a holiday.
    • Qualifying meetings must have at least 10 learner-members present. 
    • Ensure club meetings are accessible, and faculty sponsors may not sponsor more than three clubs.
    • Faculty sponsors must be present for every club meeting.
    • Faculty sponsors must approve all fundraisers prior to being sent to the Associate Principal for approval.
    • Any non-faculty attendee must have an approved background check through Coppell ISD.
    • Learners may not be on the leadership teams of more than three clubs. 
    • Clubs must include an element of service to the CHS or CISD community.
    • Clubs cannot restrict membership except for disciplinary issues and/or disruptions or violations of the club's purpose. The sponsor and associate principal must approve the restriction.
Last Modified on September 15, 2022