Coppell High School Clubs and Organizations 2020 - 2021

  • Here is the link for all the Clubs and Organizations available at CHS. 


    Please contact the sponsor of the club, for more information:

    • About joining the club
    • Meeting schedules
    • Activities of the club


    • The club Sponsor must approve all fundraisers prior to being sent the relevant Assistant Principal for approval
    • All meetings will be held virtually this Fall.  Decision about in-person meeting will be made at at later date.
    • Each club must have a CHS Staff Sponsor who MUST be present at all meetings and activities.
    • All clubs are required to meet least twice a month. Exception: If there are shortened number of school days in the month for example, in December and June.
    •  All clubs must avoid meeting on Friday.
    • Clubs cannot restrict membership except for disciplinary issues and/or for disruptions or violation of the club's purpose. Restriction must be approved by Sponsor and Assistant Principal.
    • In addition to club activities, clubs will be called on to help and serve Coppell High School’s entire student body.


    2020-2021 VIRTUAL CLUB EXPO

     We offered our current clubs the opportunity to provide more information for potential new members. Please check out our Virtual Club Expo website for more information on those clubs who chose to participate in this year's virtual club expo. You will be able to learn more about a club that aligns with your interests or passion & connect with them. The website will be up indefinitely and will be available on the CHS website too. So, take the time to explore what each club has to offer & enjoy!

Last Modified on December 8, 2020