Middle School Athletics/Fine Arts Clarification for Distance Learning

  • Dear CISD Middle School Families, 

    Coppell ISD wants to clarify the Athletics and Fine Arts options for middle school students who choose distance learning. For those middle school students who have selected distance learning, there is no in person Fine Arts (Art, Band, Choir and Theatre) requirement for the first grading period, so your child will be in distance learning for their Fine Arts courses. This may change for the second grading period for those who may want to choose in person for Fine Arts.

    If you choose distance learning for your child and are enrolled in Athletics (7th and 8th grade students only), you can choose in person for Athletics for the first grading period.   So, if you have selected distance learning for your child and want your child (7th and 8th graders enrolled in Athletics) to have the opportunity to participate on a sports team,  and you have chosen distance learning, you need to choose in-person learning in the Extracurricular portion of the commitment form.  If you chose distance learning on your form and in person for Fine Arts, you will be in distance learning for Fine Arts.  There is no need to change your form. 

    CISD middle school students have the following options for the first grading period:

    • In Person Learning all classes (starting Sept. 8) 
    • Distance Learning all classes (including Fine Arts and Athletics) 
    • *Distance Learning all classes and In Person for Athletics only (7th and 8th grade only) 

    Thank you, 
    CISD Administration