Update for CISD Special Education Students and Families

  • August 14, 2020

    Dear Families, 

    Coppell ISD is reaching out to all of our families of students receiving special education services to share specific information regarding the implementation of services as we return to school.  The CISD Return to School Guide has been shared with families and intentionally includes plans for learners with unique needs. We wanted to highlight some specific guidance and considerations, as we look at how we are providing a free and appropriate public education. We will ensure, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability can be provided the educational and related services identified in the student's individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan. 

    We want to highlight some of the plans from Intervention Services with regards to Special Education support for your children. 

    Individual Education Plan (IEP)  services will be implemented virtually during the first three weeks of the school year. There will be no in person services or instruction for learners from August 17 to September 4. Educators and Service providers will implement services consistent with the IEP and schedule of services during this remote learning time. 

    • Direct services may include: synchronous/live virtual instruction (via zoom), small group intervention, teletherapy, and/or mini-lessons. Direct instruction may also include a recorded video lesson and specific activity. All learners will have a Schoology course that could include additional virtual learning opportunities to support curriculum and IEP goals and independent practice on targeted academic and functional skills. Resources will be accessible to parents and caregivers. 
    • In class support may include: collaborative or joint learning sessions, support with access to specific materials on the digital platform, supplemental videos, classroom or learning environment observation and feedback to increase engagement and meaningful participation. 
    • indirect and consult services may include: collaborative or joint learning sessions, videos, feedback to teachers and caregivers, classroom or learning environment observation and feedback. Consult services could also include phone calls, virtual meetings or emails with educators and/or parents/caregivers. 

    Additional Access to the IEP
    Learners who choose the remote (at-home) option for their learning location may receive some or all of their IEP services, such as “walk-in” therapy in person. Availability of walk in services may be limited due to local heath restrictions. Schedules will be made by the Special Education educator, campus administration and therapist for a specific time. Transportation as a related service is available at the beginning and end of the school day. There will not be shuttle services for individual therapy sessions. In-person, face to face instruction will occur with proper safety precautions, limited group size and sanitization protocols. Face to face access to the IEP will be available once in-person learning across the district begins September 8. 

    You can find more information regarding Specialized Supports  at www.coppellisd.com/learningplans

    ARD meetings will be held virtually with all required members. There may be a need for ARD amendments for learners who choose the remote learning option. 

    Health and Safety Protocols  — Educators and therapy providers will follow campus cleaning and sanitization procedures. Educators will have access to masks, gloves and face shields. More specialized equipment or procedures will be communicated for special programs. We understand that some learners may have a difficult time tolerating a mask. Our educators will make intentional efforts to explicitly teach mask wearing and hand washing through social stories, skills training and positive reinforcement. We will offer grace and tolerance as learners are practicing and developing these new skills. 

    Family Resources —  We understand that this may be a difficult time for you, your children or your family. We want to do everything possible to support  a successful transition back to the learning environment. Our teams are available to talk through additional support or community resources that may benefit your family. If you have a need for additional resources, please contact our Transition Specialist, Misty Lynch, at mlynch@coppellisd.com

    Finally, please know that our intervention services staff is eager for the start for school and to reunite with our learners, virtually and in person. We have a dedicated, innovative and collaborative team. We are all here to support growth and progress for our learners. Thank you for your support and trust us. We are honored to be partnering with you during this time.  

    Kind Regards, 

    Stephanie Flores
    Director of Intervention Services