Priority Performance Goals

  • The board, in discussion with the superintendent, established the following priority performance goals for the year:

Goal 1: Strategic Design

  • Aligned to all core values
    Continue to advocate and monitor the Coppell ISD Strategic Design work that serves as the guide for the district.


    • Continue the work within the CISD Advocacy planning groups at the campus and district level 
    • Continue and expand on the training related to Advocacy 
    • Utilize the Advocacy Deck to help focus our work around the Core Values 
    • Create an online informational pamphlet/video highlighting ways the core values have been embedded in various ways throughout the district and community 
    • Continue centering district work around the Core Values – Great Teaching, Redefining Success, Relationships & Engagement – and refine the filter used to measure progress in these areas 
    • Highlight Relationships as a Core Value focus for the 2020-2021 school year 
    • Explore and create tools/resources helping our families understand and embrace the Core Values while supporting their child’s academic and social emotional needs  
    • Continue building on our CISD professional learning library for training needs so as to bring all staff together with our focus on learning and growing 
    • Keep our Core Values at the forefront of discussions and decisions concerning the budget and future needs; including hiring practices, new hire orientation and professional learning 

Goal 2: Community Based Accountability System

  • Redefining Success
    Coppell ISD will implement a community based accountability system (CBAS) to ensure all students are future-ready learners that allows our stakeholders to see a more holistic view of learning in CISD


    • Collect, analyze and share data with district stakeholders for initial feedback on our CISD Community Based Accountability System 
    • Continue updating the work with our CISD Learner, Educator and Leadership Profiles in order to publish and share with stakeholders 
    • Continue board training and collaboration with other local boards and district leaders 
    • Host a Facebook Live event detailing the work of the TPAC & CBAS to share with the community 
    • Publish the CISD Community Based Accountability System to all stakeholders within the community 
    • Continue seeking input from community members via online survey tools/ focus groups to get their input about the CBAS process 
    • Continue seeking feedback from staff, learners and families with our Panorama online survey tool
    • Continue work with our TPAC large group and small group

Goal 3: Social Emotional Learning

  • Relationships/Engagement
    We will implement training and strategies aligned to social emotional learning for our students and staff in order to create and sustain a safe, inclusive and responsive environment for all.


    • In response to COVID-19 and our goals for SEL, provide training to staff on how to implement strategies such as check ins, class meetings, and restorative practices to support the social emotional and mental health needs of learners  
    • In response to COVID-19 and our goals for SEL, continue finding ways for our CISD staff to have training/opportunities focusing on their mental health, finding work/life balance and healthy ways to handle stress  
    • Use Panorama Social Emotional Learning data from learners, staff and families to target areas of need and growth opportunities 
    • Continue using the District Social & Emotional Advisory Committee for gathering feedback, aligning the work and monitoring implementation of social emotional learning for the district 
    • Continue building and embedding social emotional learning supports within our CISD Curriculum and Instruction Resources 
    • Create and implement training opportunities for families related to social emotional growth, mental health and overall well being  
    • Review current district policies and procedures surrounding equity 
    • Continue professional learning on SEL for all staff members 
    • Create a CISD Equity Policy to align district core values and ensure equity for all stakeholders 
    • Continue implementing training efforts for culturally responsive teaching, equity and inclusivity for all 

Goal 4: Student Experience

  • Redefining Success/Great Teaching
    We will create and implement a district-wide plan to enhance the student experience PreK through post-graduation.


    • In response to COVID-19 and our district goals of focusing on academic and social emotional growth, continue using tools to collect, analyze and evaluate data to provide targeted support (NWEA MAP, Schoology AMP, aligned online resources,  Bulb Digital Portfolios and Panorama) 
    • In response to COVID-19, continue providing CISD Distance Learning (virtual or blended)as needed during the school year 
    • In response to COVID-19 and our district goals for learning, continue providing and reviewing supports for learners receiving Special Education, 504, English Learner, Dyslexia and Gifted and Talented services in order to ensure needs are being met 
    • Continue building on Professional Learning Community expectations and structures concerning collaborative team efforts, data protocols and intervention and enrichment opportunities  
    • In response to House Bill 3 requirements, begin implementation of the Texas Reading Academies and Strategies, Math Goals and Strategies, and Career, College and Military Readiness Goals and Strategies 
    • Continue goals with the CISD Equity Plan, including intentional training and instructional practices to support specific learner groups 
    • Continue reviews of hiring and retention practices in CISD to strengthen goals with great teaching and overall learner success  
    • Continue focusing on the whole child and strengthening our Response to Intervention and data tracking processes with the implementation of Panorama - Student Success Platform  
    • Continue using digital tools/resources/platforms that allow for innovative, creative, and efficient practices as well as provide opportunities to showcase evidence of learning in a variety of ways